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how to get through a divorce emotionally

how to get through a divorce emotionally

Negative emotions like anger, hatred, bitterness, annoyance, and resentment are very hard to counter, especially during a divorce trial. It is very frustrating to end the marital bond between yourself and the person whom you once shared your love, hopes and dreams with. This is one of the painful truths that you have to hurdle about divorce. In general, women should know how to get through a divorce emotionally so as to avoid being consumed by undesirable emotions. The traumatic experience of divorce starts with the factors that caused distrust, then to the divorce proceedings itself, the grant of the decree, and thereafter the recovery period, which is regarded as the most painful part. It may seem impossible to deal with your emotions as you go through a divorce, but the following steps can help you.

  1. Be real and accept the situation. Your emotions are controlled by your mind. Accepting the situation is like telling your own self the truth. Once there is acceptance, your mind will be conditioned to face further consequences.

    This will help you avoid clinging on false hopes.

  2. Give yourself a time to grieve. Grieving is just a part of the healing process. You can’t overcome your emotions without going through the grieving stage. Just let go of your negative emotions little by little. Grieve as much as you want, but put an end to it eventually.

  3. Find someone you can talk to. Your emotions can become unstable as you go through with your ordeal; therefore, you must open up to someone close to you. It is not good to keep your pains because that can possibly affect your sanity. Sharing your emotions with others can lessen the degree of emotional stress that you feel.

  4. Love yourself. Coping with divorce means loving yourself. Keep yourself healthy by exercising every morning and eating healthy foods. Treat yourself with the best relaxation methods, such as massage therapy, hot showers, yoga, sauna baths, meditation retreats, or vacations. Going out on a trip will enable you to see more things and meet new individuals.

  5. Be there for your kids. A parent cannot just stand in a corner looking at his or her children caught in the divorce crossfire. As much as possible, uphold the best interest of your children even if you and your ex-partner are no longer in good terms. Spend more time with them and realize that they are all that you have during this trying time. In other words, they are your best source of strength to start anew.

  6. Maintain your sanity. You can never overcome your emotions by employing destructive coping behaviors, such as drinking alcohol or using illegal drugs. Engaging into promiscuous sexuality or stalking your former spouse will not help either. Try to keep your focus by doing something productive like learning how to play a guitar or cooking the newest recipe you found on the Internet.

  7. Put away all trigger factors. It will be difficult for you to overcome your pain if you see old items that are memorable to you and your former spouse. You can either keep them in a box or throw them away for good. Remove photos on the wall as well as the bed sheets that you once shared.

Divorce can change everything in your life starting from your finances, to your foods, down to your day-to-day schedule at home. Learning how to get through a divorce emotionally is very important since you still have kids to look after. Remember, your pain is not an excuse to forget your duties and obligations to your children.


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