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how to get through a divorce for men

how to get through a divorce for men

It is a big blow in the face for a man to be told by his wife that she wants a divorce. Even if the feeling is mutual, there will always be a struggle and disbelief inside that she is indeed serious in letting him go. Nothing is as devastating as this. How to get through a divorce for men can be very superficial. Most men will not want the wife who has fallen out of love to know that he is affected by the decision to finally divorce. Impulsive men are prone to damaging acts, but if you are wise enough, heed the following advice:

  1. Remember that the soon-to-be ex-wife knows you more than anybody else given that you have lived a substantial part of your life with her. So, even if you pretend that you are still in high spirits with what is happening, she will know the real score. Just be honest that you are keeping your thoughts in line with the procedures and that you will be fair in your dealings with her and the children, if there are any.

  2. Counselling organizations for relationship problems such as divorce are now widely patronized even by men.

    This will help them become more logical in dealing with the process. It will surely help to talk to family and friends, but they will not know much about how to handle legal issues. They will definitely be there for moral support, so be open to people you trust who can lighten your load.

  3. Non-domesticated men may have a problem dealing with housework without the wife, but this is not a good reason just to stay in the marriage. It is advisable to start doing them on your own, but for the meantime you can certainly survive on instant meals, home services, and if you can afford it, you can hire a household helper. Be ready to seek the help of your mother or any family member temporarily while making adjustments.

  4. Children may not know much about the ways of adults, but they are the ones greatly affected when their parents are divorcing. Fathers must not exclude them in the discussions. Let them know what’s going to happen, and listen to what they have to say. By being honest with your children, divorce will not feel that bad. You will be surprised knowing that your children are so advanced when it comes to understanding complicated things like this.

  5. When the children are less than seven years old, the custody automatically belongs to the mother. With this in mind, it’s the father who gets kicked out of the house because he is by himself. It will be very awkward accessing the children while the divorce proceeding is on-going. This is very hard for men who are very close to their children ever since they were born. Men will need a strong support group so as not to be led astray by painful emotions.

  6. Go ahead and cry when you feel like it when in the company of close friends. Men need to cry too. They are also human beings who have emotions. Surround yourself with these reliable friends because things will be easier when there are people who are willing to listen. You do not have to follow all of their advice, but having conversations with them will substitute negative thinking that can be destructive to your well-being.

Acknowledging that life has changed because of the divorce is essential on how to get through a divorce for men. Try to adapt to the agreed arrangement with the children. Be open to any forms of help.


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