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how to get urine smell out of clothes

how to get urine smell out of clothes

Learning how to get urine smell out of clothes isn’t difficult; however, the job may be a challenge, especially if the urine has saturated the clothing for days. Unless you use effective detergent soap or laundry cleaners, the smell of urine has a tendency to cling to the fabrics. Taking your clothes to the dry cleaner or laundry shop can be expensive and inconvenient. Besides, in some cases, the dry cleaner may not have the time needed for the task of fully erasing the scent of urine. They usually have your clothing superficially cleaned, leaving behind the smell. When faced with the possibility of this disappointing predicament, it is best to solve the problem at home. All that is needed for removing urine smell, even if it has been on the clothing for quite some time, is dishwashing soap, detergents, non-chlorine bleach plastic tub and a washing machine and dryer. Below are the important steps you should follow.

  1. Immediately soak the clothing using dishwashing soap. Apply a higher quantity of dishwashing soap on the affected areas where the urine smell and stains are most prominent.

    The soaking period can last for about 30 to 60 minutes to ensure that your garments are able to absorb the dishwashing solution mixed with water. You can extend the soaking period a little longer if needed.

  2. Rinse the soaked clothing. Rinse your soaked clothing and initially wash the affected area thoroughly. If the smell is still odorous, then it is time to go to the next step.

  3. Soak the clothing using a mixture of water and bleach solution. In your plastic bucket or tub, mix a non-chlorine bleach solution with a considerable volume of water. Soak the clothes for an hour. Wait until the solution is able to penetrate into the clothing. Allow the solution to react properly on the urine smell.

    Non-chlorine bleach solutions will protect the color of your clothing and prevent fading. However, if the color of your garment is pure white, then you can use chlorine solution in the soaking process.

  4. Wash the garment thoroughly. Finally, wash the garment thoroughly in the washing machine or any other means available to you and rinse it properly. Rinse as many times as possible until the smell of the urine and chlorine is eliminated.

  5. Apply fabric conditioner. Applying fabric conditioner will not only restore the previous texture of your garment, but it will also provide a pleasant fragrance. Rinse the garment again before putting it into the dryer.

As soon as you notice the smell of urine on your clothes, do not waste time. Wash it right away. The sooner, the better. If the urine is left on the clothing for days, the smell will get more acidic and, therefore, difficult to remove. When it becomes difficult to remove, you have to spend more energy and more money on cleansers. In some cases, if you allow the stain to sit for too long, it will remain even after the smell has vanished. There is no need to hire the services of a dry cleaner after you learn the basics steps on how to get urine smell out of clothes.


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