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how to get your art in a gallery

how to get your art in a gallery

Figuring out how to get your art in a gallery is a challenge that most artists face in their careers. Like any other artists, to see your art work in a gallery is considered an honor and a reward for your hard work. Not all artists have the golden opportunity to experience being in the limelight. Though, when a piece of art work is chosen to be placed in the halls and walls of an art gallery exhibit, it is indeed an achievement and a great honor to the artist. If you are an aspiring artist who dreamed of making it to the limelight in the field of art, you must be bold enough to take on the challenges and overcome the trials in the competitive world of art. Here are few tips to guide you through your dreams of having your work placed in a gallery.

  1. Create. Make your art one of a kind. Give your all to create masterpieces that people will love. Create works of different types and dimensions to give your audience plenty of choices. Just in case one piece of art does not qualify, you can readily have a substitute that would perhaps get the nod of the gallery organizer or owner.

  2. Research art galleries. At present, most art galleries have their own website. Visit their websites and carefully read all the guidelines and rules that they impose and how they choose art work to exhibit. The more you know, the better prepared you will be to meet their demands. If you see some questions as part of the preliminary steps in joining an art gallery, answer the questions clearly. Give all the necessary information that they ask for, if any.

  3. Hire the services of an art agent to promote your work and give you an advantage. An art agent knows the intricacies of the world of art. However, before hiring the services of art agents, always bear in mind that their services cost a hefty fee. In effect, they may take a cut on every piece you sell.

  4. Submit your art on time and write a cover letter for your submitted pieces. State brief information about yourself and why your intellectual creation should be chosen to be a part of the art gallery. You must impress the art gallery organizer or owner not just based on your art but also on the intent of your creations as well.

  5. Set a reasonable and competitive price. Every item should have a price that is at par with its quality and beauty. Do not hesitate to name a high price if the overall package demands it. The price of your artwork must be reasonable and competitive.

An organizer or an owner of an art gallery is very meticulous and picky as to the variety of artwork to include in an exhibit. The organizer must be stunned and completely impressed at the very first moment of seeing your work. Remember, to some people, first impression lasts. The world of art does not run on quality and beauty alone because promotion plays a very important role. I bet you now know how to get your art in a gallery, so go ahead and try. You have nothing really to lose.


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