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How to Get Your Boyfriend Back

How to Get Your Boyfriend Back

A failed relationship is the last thing you have in mind when you are with someone.  It is the most painful and the hardest thing to deal with.  Yet, sometimes it happens and you wonder what could have caused it when you seem to be sharing something beautiful.  Worse is if he was the one who broke up with you. If you still love your boyfriend and you know that things can still be mended then find ways to do so.  Giving up should not be an immediate option.  Here are some useful tips on how to get your boyfriend back.

  1. Know the cause of the break-up.  Nothing is more frustrating than not knowing the reason for your failed relationship.  Was it because of him or was it you who have caused him to drift away?  Was it your attitude?  Were you more of a nagger rather than a supportive girlfriend?  Did he feel like you seem to have strangled him that he has lost his sense of independence? A thorough reflection on what have caused your split will help you decide on what to do next.    

  2. Talk to him.

    rhaps you were not talking a lot when you broke up.  Most probably you were exchanging a lot of heated words that you failed to listen to what the other has to say.  If you’re already up to it, find time to talk to him regarding the break-up.  Tell him that you regretted saying those words that have hurt him a lot.  You may have a different view on what went wrong and how your relationship should have been.  Who knows this can lead to a second chance at loving each other.

  3. Know if he still nurtures you.  If you really would like to get your boyfriend back, find ways to know if he still has some feelings for you or if things can be fixed between you.  It helps if he still cares for you.  It would be a lot easier to try to win him back if you know he has been asking about you from your friends.  On the other hand, your hands would be full if he has already fallen out of love for you and is setting his eyes on someone else.  If this is the case, perhaps it’s time to really let go of him and move on with your life.

  4. Don’t beg.  Never think of doing it.  You do want him back, but don’t be too desperate.  Never give him tell-tale signs that you need him in your life.  Never make the first move.  Let him think about you often, let him miss you more.

  5. Be yourself.  There was something in you that he was once attracted to the first time he saw you.  Recall what it was that made him choose you over other girls.  Perhaps you’ve changed since you were in a relationship and that he could not see that part of you that made him love you.  Bring it back.  Have a positive disposition.  If you’ve heard that he may have affection towards another girl, don’t pretend to be that person.  Be who you are.

  6. Find a diversion.  The most difficult part in failed relationships is moving on.  Especially when you’ve spent a considerable time together, you’ll surely miss your bonding moments.  Keep yourself busy.  Idle moments will make you remember him.  Spend time with your closest pals who might even give you advice on what to do and even help you get your boyfriend back.  Getting into sports or indulging in a new hobby can provide you that much needed boost for a more positive disposition.

  7. Be hopeful.  No matter how bad the situation may be in your relationship, still keep a positive mind set.  As they say, there’s always a ray of light at the end of a tunnel.  You know that couples fight and make up.  Perhaps this is just one of those dreadful moments you have to deal with to strengthen you.  And when you get back, you become more loving and caring towards each other.

Going through a failed relationship is not easy.  It may even cause emotional trauma.  But as long as your relationship still has a chance, then give it a try.  If you’re certain that you still nurture love, then how to get your boyfriend back will not be as difficult as it may seem.


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