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how to get your boyfriend to break up with you

how to get your boyfriend to break up with you

You will know that you will hurt your boyfriend very much if you break up with him. On second thought, he may be able to take it lightly if he’s the one initiating the move. This will still hurt his feelings, but his ego will be intact. How to get your boyfriend to break up with you will require some artistic abilities, but if this gives you your most-awaited freedom without too much friction, might as well do it. If you don’t want your boyfriend to like you anymore, do the things that are detestable to him, but never sacrifice your own values.  Just don’t compromise anymore. Act as if you don’t have a boyfriend to consult with when making decisions in your life. Go ahead with your plans without saying anything to him. It won’t take long before he will confront you. Here are some examples of award-winning pretentions:

  1. Be strong with your own opinions. Most men are threatened by women who are very opinionated. Adapt and utilize the “take it or leave it attitude.” Don’t give in to his wishes. Reject his suggestions like you just don’t care until you’ve pushed him to the edge of making him give up on you.

  2. Go away to unknown places without giving him a hint. Make yourself unreachable to him. Give vague answers when he confronts you like “I just wanted to be alone.” Express your unhappiness to him and make it clear that there’s nothing he could do about it to make it better.

  3. Treat him like one of your acquaintances and nothing more. Don’t even act like he’s a close friend. Refuse any signs of affection, and stop yourself from giving mixed signals. Be as dry as possible when you are with him. Be irritated when he finally asks you why you’ve been acting strange lately. Make it difficult for him to figure things out until he gives up.

  4. Live your life away from your boyfriend’s path. Have totally different sets of friends and activities. It’s like growing up separately in different directions. Make yourself as busy as possible until you’ve driven him to somebody else’s attention. Explore something new that you know he’s not interested in or does not have the time to spend on.

  5. Ignore or be uncomfortable when you are together with your boyfriend. No one wants to be with somebody who’s not into you. This is not hard to notice unless he’s really that dumb. Be moody until he has enough of you and walks away voluntarily.

  6. Let him know that there is something else more important in your life right now than your relationship with him. He can’t force you to act or feel differently. He can only make decisions to be kept in limbo all the time or get out of it clearly.

  7. The least you could do, if you really can’t get rid of your boyfriend, is to work on a breakup that is mutually agreed upon by both parties. Make it sound like it’s both of your decisions after talking things out, but tell him you will always be there for each other as friends. This promise will just fade away when you start living separate lives.

How to get your boyfriend to break up with you is not common, but sometimes it becomes a necessity, especially when your partner has suicidal tendencies. This is a much better method than suffering the guilt that might arise if something bad happens to him. In any case, it’s still an advantage being separated from a boyfriend you don’t desire to be with anymore.


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