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how to get your car serviced

how to get your car serviced

Your car really needs regular maintenance. This is the best way to ensure that your car will be kept in great condition. You can always have your car serviced by competent mechanics. However, you really don’t need to spend much money on that. Servicing your car can be done easily and efficiently. You just have to take note of the following effective tips on how to get your car serviced:

  1. Use the service checklist as guide. When you buy a new car, the manufacturer gives you a service checklist. This checklist serves as a guide on how to maintain the condition of your car. It also includes the schedule of checkups and other related matters. After you've gone through a certain mileage, depending on what is indicated on the list, you should start servicing your car. You can modify the checklist just in case you want to service your car at home.

  2. Most manufacturers state that the following parts of the car are the ones that should receive attention: the engine oil, oil filter, brake fluid, air conditioning system, braking system, suspension components, wheels and tires, driving belts, battery fluid and engine coolant.

    u should also check the other parts of your car once in a while, such as wipers, lights and the over-all appearance of the vehicle.

  3. The type and viscosity of oil needed depends on the type of car, so make sure to follow what is instructed in the checklist. If your car has a low performance engine, do not use thin oil; it could cause damage. Also, avoid using extremely thick oil because it can clog the fuel pump. Thick oil cannot lubricate the engine well. Avoid spilling oil on the engine; use a funnel. If you want to make sure your engine lasts long, you should have an oil change at least once a year. Regularly replacing the oil can really enhance the performance of your car’s engine.

  4. You should regularly check the brake fluid. Normally, brake fluid needs to be replaced once every two years. Make sure that you always cover the top of the brake fluid as this could affect the braking performance. Once in a while, it is good to check the brake fluid for leakage. Regularly inspect the brakes. Check the brake pads. You should replace the brakes if they’re not performing well. You can maintain the condition of the disk by roughing it up with a wire brush or sandpaper. Make sure that the movable parts are regularly applied with copper grease.

  5. It is also great to check the suspension of your car. Inspect the shock absorbers regularly so that you will be able to spot any problems, such as wear and leaks. You can do this by bouncing the corner of the car. You must also inspect the ball joints, mounting points, and rubber blocks for any signs of wearing. The seatbelts should also be checked. It is not safe to drive with damaged seatbelts. Ensure that they fasten and lock well. If the belts do not lock, have them replaced. You should also lubricate the door hinges and locks. Apply oil or white grease. When applying the lubricant, open and close the door so that the oil will be properly distributed.

  6. Check the exhaust of the vehicle. Make sure that there’s no leak or corrosion. You can track down any cracks or leaks using a flashlight. You should also inspect the CV boots, which are rubber covers. You should see to it that they don’t have cracks. If they are cracked, you should replace them immediately to avoid drying and wearing the joint from the gearbox.

  7. Inspect the tires. Check for any damage like cuts and deep thread. You should also check the pressure of the tires. If there is low pressure, check for any possible holes or punctures. You should also inspect the condition of the other parts, such as lights, spark plugs, steering, washers, anti freeze and others. It also really helps to maintain the appearance of your vehicle by waxing it at least three times a year.

The ways on how to get your car serviced are quite simple. You just need to allot a little time for inspecting your car’s condition. Also, see to it that you regularly change what needs to be changed, such as oil. Inspecting your car will help you immediately spot any problems. That way, you’ll be able to take immediate action. Avoid any vehicular problem by treating your car well.


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