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How to Get Your Cat to Eat

How to Get Your Cat to Eat

Cats that suddenly don’t like to eat should not be ignored. There might be health problems arising, or your cat may already be suffering from a serious disease that was not evident to you which may need immediate medical attention. Consider this a symptom and see your vet immediately for some diagnosis. On the lighter side, maybe your cat is just being finicky. This happens sometimes when they get bored with being given the same food every time. Here are some tips on how to get your cat to eat:

  1. Warm their food in the microwave. When the smell is emitted from being heated, it makes it very attractive to them as they have a very strong sense of smell. Cats love warm food, too. This is more appetizing to them than cold food.

  2. Give your cat a variety of cat foods and do not just stick to one kind only. They get bored with eating the same kind of food every time. If you have been giving your cat dry cat food for quite some time, consider buying wet cat food for a change. Experiment with tuna, chicken, or beef.

    It is even best to make cat food yourself using what is inside your refrigerator. It is even healthier for your pet cat as it gets to eat fresh food. Just remember not to feed your cat onions as they are harmful to them.

  3. Cats love tuna so consider adding tuna oil to your cat food. This becomes very appetizing for them.

  4. A loss in appetite could be a symptom that your cat is suffering from tooth decay. Check your cat’s teeth first.  Chances are it is having a toothache and, therefore, eating especially dry cat food will just add to the pain. Have this checked by your vet, and he might recommend a procedure.

  5. Get the advice of your vet on what type of vitamins or supplements you can give your cat to enhance its appetite. This is especially important for aging cats as they will need the added supplements. So do not ignore it when your pet cat suddenly stops eating. It could be life threatening already.

  6. Your obese cat can also lose its appetite. It might already be suffering from a fatty liver, and this can be very painful. Again, seek your vet’s advice for the medication. Some cats can survive for days without food, but, of course, this is very detrimental to their health and should be addressed immediately. Your cat can become anorexic and lose interest in food. This will pose more severe health problems.

  7. Cats suffer from stress and depression too. Make an effort to cheer them up by playing with them once in a while. A new baby in the house can make your cat think it is no longer loved. They get jealous too and feel slighted. This may sound funny, but it is very true especially cats that have been with their owners for a long period of time. They have become so used to the attention already.  If you love your pet cat, just don’t ignore it because you’re so busy with work or other activities.

We love our pet cats dearly, and it worries us when they don’t eat. Knowing the tips on how to get your cat to eat can be very enlightening and helpful. Do not take your cats for granted.  They need constant attention and care. However, you will be given plenty of compensation back by their attention and love they give. When your kitty suddenly sits on your lap while you’re relaxing, you’ll forget that life is sometimes so difficult.


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