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how to get your ex-boyfriend back

how to get your ex-boyfriend back

Maybe you did it. You broke up with him. Or maybe he broke up with you. But now you realize that he means so much to you and you want him back. Now you’re asking how to get your ex-boyfriend back and have no idea where to begin. The breakup of any relationship can be the cause for so much heartache, animosity, and wounded feelings all around. Just recovering from a smarting ego can be difficult for your boyfriend to do if you are the one who broke up the relationship. It will take some time and great effort to get him to trust you again. On the other hand, if he initiated the breakup, then it could mean his heart is set elsewhere, which is doubly hard for you. But if you are determined to win him back, read on to learn some helpful tips:

  1. Consider everything very, very hard and be very, very sure. Giving a relationship another chance is harder the second time around. You will have lots of hang-ups and baggage from what went on before. There will be trust and respect issues, unhappy memories, and a whole lot of history to overcome.

    So before deciding to try to get your boyfriend back, be sure that this is what you really want to do, that you’re willing to do whatever it takes, and that getting back with him is really the best thing for you. Because if he didn’t help make you a better person the first time around, chances are it will get worse in the second chapter. So make sure there’s enough there worth saving and that your heart and soul will be better for it.

  2. If there’s another girl, stay completely out of the picture. You don’t want to be the “other woman.” You will demean yourself, and it won’t improve his impression of you even if you may catch his attention for a time. Wait for your opportunities and, meanwhile, don’t limit your sights. Work on yourself. Develop, improve, and grow. While you’re at it, a makeover won’t hurt, either. As you continue to enhance your personality, the greater the chance of you catching his fancy once again or that of another guy who’s more worthy of you.

  3. Put yourself in his peripheral vision as an improved version. Don’t throw yourself at him. Losing his respect won’t make him treat you better. You know the things he likes about you and the things he doesn’t. Enhance your strengths and minimize, if not overcome, your weaknesses. Try to pique his interest without being obvious about it. Guys like to do the chasing. Don’t fight it; use that knowledge to your advantage. Do a little teasing, a little flirting, but don’t be blatant. Let him come after you.

  4. If he shows interest in you again, start light and easy. Don’t rehash the old issues right off the bat, or you’ll scare him off for good. Treat it as a new getting-to-know-you phase where you enjoy each other’s company and try to see if it leads back to where you once were. Assess if you see the changes that you need from him and if the romanticized ideal that you have of him matches reality.

  5. Allow the relationship to develop again, slowly. Before getting more deeply involved, you should at least discuss important things like where you want to go with the relationship, what changes the two of you should make, and what are your honest expectations. If he’s willing to give it another try and you feel you can at least trust him on that, then go for it.

In your efforts to restore the relationship, be mindful not to lose yourself in the process. You may just be fooling yourself that he’s the one for you when, in fact, you are better off without him. If you are sure, however, then these steps on how to get your ex-boyfriend back may help you. Good luck!


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