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how to get your girlfriend back after a break up

how to get your girlfriend back after a break up

You may be wondering how to get your girlfriend back after a break up. Never did you expect that after a quarrel, she’d leave you for good. Now that you are in pain, you are wondering how to win her back. But, do you know what to do or where to start? There are basic steps that can help you to get your ex-girlfriend back. You don’t have to harass her just to win her back. Read on below to learn the most applicable and effective tips.

  1. Don’t be pathetic. If you want another chance, you have to prepare yourself. If she ended the relationship after a heated argument, never cry nor beg right there and then; that will only make you look very pathetic and desperate. It is important that you give her space to release her emotions and anger. While she is angry, it is improper to approach her right away and ask for reconciliation.

  2. Find the right timing to talk. When you notice that she is no longer angry, usually after a couple of days, try to invite her on a date.

    nce your purpose is to reconcile with her, you can make the date a little special. Add some colors to the table by adding her favorite flowers. Girls admire fresh flowers. You can also put a little note on the table saying “Thank you for this date” or “It means so much to me that you came tonight.”

  3. Listen to her. When she starts talking, it is important that you listen carefully. You can expect that she’ll enumerate the things she doesn’t like about you. It is also possible that she’ll bring up the root cause of the break up. When she stops talking, that indicates that it is now your turn to talk. But, what should you say?

    There is really no standard opening statement for a guy who is trying to win his ex-girlfriend back. The best approach is not to practice the words to say. Just let your heart speak out. As long as your intent is sincere and pure, you will never go wrong. Can you say “I miss you” or “I love you”? Since you don’t want to appear like you are rushing things, saying “I miss you” would suffice in the meantime.

  4. Watch your statements. Your goal is to get your ex-girlfriend back to you, and not to justify anything. Therefore, as you talk avoid blaming. Never attempt to pick up some portions of the points she raised earlier, and then use the same to prove that she committed a mistake too. While reconciling, it is a big no-no to tell her that the break up happened not because of you, but because of someone or something else.

  5. Say “I’m sorry.” These two simple words, when uttered genuinely, could make a big difference. If you are sorry, you should mean it. Try to be systematic in your approach. First, acknowledge and recognize the mistakes that you have done; second, apologize and express regret; and third, offer plans on how to fix the mistakes. After that, emphasize that nothing in the world is more important to you than to have her back. You love her so much, don’t you?

It happens to everyone. Love goes up and down. It is not a bed of roses, but a package deal wherein at the onset you agree to be happy and to get hurt as well. When you are madly in love, you tend to forget yourself. You give everything to her. You may find it hard how to get your girlfriend back after a break up because there is nothing left in you. Remember, when you love someone, it is crucial that you love yourself too.


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