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How to Get your Hair Curly

How to Get your Hair Curly

Do you want to give your crowning glory an aura of sophistication? Curl your hair to display bouncing curves! Specialized hair tools vary depending on the kinds of curls you want to achieve. We've made a list of tips on how to get your hair curly so that you can compare them. Washing and combing your hair is necessary before you implement any of these curling processes. It is beneficial to blow-dry the hair first for the dry methods. See more details below: Dry Methods

  1. Use a curling iron for classic spiral curls. It is relatively easy to use for fast and uniform curls. It is also equipped with a bigger barrel to achieve bigger curls and a smaller barrel for smaller curls. Apply heat protectant to clean, dry hair prior to curling it to avoid damage. Begin curling your hair in sections, starting from the lower part of your head. Clip the rest of your hair up, leaving only a sufficient amount in the lower-most part of the head. Roll each section of hair into the barrel and pause for a few seconds to let the heat penetrate into it.

    nroll, but don’t stretch. Crumple the curls nicely with your hands to condition them.

  2. Switch to hot rollers for lasting curls throughout the day. They are time consuming to use, but the curls will be more distinct. Divide the strands of hair and roll each part into a roller, starting from the base of the head, just above the neck. Then close the lock. Proceed to the next level going up until you’ve rolled up all strands of hair into the rollers. You should use the smaller rollers at the crown of your head and the bigger ones at the back after applying heat protectant. Secure each roller with the attached lock. Let the hair sit for about ten to fifteen minutes in the hot rollers then take them out gently one by one. Arrange your hair in the desired shape.

  3. Try the curling wand, which is very similar to a curling iron except that it doesn’t have a clamp to hold the hair to the iron. This creates a more natural curl, but be careful when you handle curling wands. At any given time, you should only roll a manageable set of hair strands that will fit onto the device without falling off.

Wet Methods
  1. Resort to foam rollers if your hair is coarse, because they are gentle on the hair and comfortable to sleep in. Apply a thin layer of styling cream to your wet hair before you put on the foam rollers. Roll only enough hair to lock up in each roller. Start from the lowest section of your hair and roll your way up. Unroll your hair in the morning and finger comb to loosen the curls. Apply curl enhancers to define them and to make them last longer.

  2. Curl your hair with bobby pins if it is short. Apply mouse or any styling product to your hair first. Twirl a section of your hair around your fingers and secure it with bobby pins. Loosen them in the morning by removing the pins and combing with your fingers. Apply some styling gel or mousse for a lively effect.

  3. Braid your hair while it’s still wet. Make smaller braids if you want smaller curls and bigger braids for bigger curls. Apply hair spray, mousse, or gel before you braid your wet hair. Leave your braided hair to set overnight. Undo the braids and loosen the curls gently in the morning. Finger comb them.

You can experiment with other methods of curling, for instance, tying your hair with rags, adding a diffuser attachment to your blower, or making use of Velcro rollers. But they are not better than the ones recommended above. Remember, however, that these tips on how to get your hair curly are for temporary curls. Expect your curly hair to straighten a bit as the day progresses due to the pull of gravity. You should visit a salon to curl your hair more permanently.


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