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how to gift wrap

how to gift wrap

What would Christmas be without gifts?! Christmas time is known as the time of sharing and giving. This is the time when Santa sneaks in through the chimney and leaves our Christmas presents. It is the time that we exchange gifts with our family, friends and loved ones. It can also be the time when we share the blessings we have with other people. To make your gifts more personalized and more presentable you can learn how to gift wrap. In addition to being more personal, doing it yourself, rather than having it wrapped in a department store can also save you money. There are a lot of shapes and sizes when it comes to gifts. The best thing that you can do to make wrapping easier is to box your gifts, together or separately. This is because it is easier and cleaner, more precise and more versatile, to gift wrap boxes. Versatile because you can add as many designs as you want depending on the occasion. Here are some basic step on how to gift wrap and some tips on how to decorate your wrapped presents:

  1. Since the following steps are meant to gift wrap boxes, you have to make sure that your gift is in a box.

    Choose a box of an appropriate size.

  2. Next step is to gather all the materials that you need. Choose the most appropriate gift wrap for the occasion and the personality of the recipient. Take note of his or her favorite color, favorite character and things like that. You have lots of options, so try to gather your thoughts about this before buying. Also, make sure that you have a pair of sharp scissors, scotch tape, a small greeting card and other materials for the design such as ribbons, lace, etc.

  3. Never, ever forget to remove the price tag before wrapping. Now, the next thing to do is to measure how much wrapping paper that you need. Place the box along the length of the wrapping paper then wrap it around the box loosely. Leave an inch and a half to two inches of allowance to all sides. Mark the point where it is just enough to wrap the box. Fold from the mark up to the opposite end of the wrapping paper then cut it as straight as possible.

  4. Place the prepared wrapping paper, with the unprinted side up. Put the box in the center. Bring one end of the wrapping paper up to the center of the top of the box and secure with tape.

  5. Do the same thing with the opposite end of the paper. This time, make sure that you pull the wrapping paper tight as you place it at the center. This is to make sure that it is tightly wrapped around the box. Once it is overlapping the other end of the paper, fold about half an inch of the edge (all the way along the end) inwards to make a neat and smooth edge. Again, secure it with tape.

  6. It’s now time to do the sides. You now have loose wrapping paper hanging around the sides of the box. Bring both the left and right sides to the center. Secure it with tape.

  7. Push the ends down flat against the box, making triangular flaps running vertically from the corners of the box to your working surface Then fold these flaps in, leaving one more or less triangular shape. Repeat this procedure at the other end of the box.

  8. Now, fold the triangle at one end upwards and secure it flat to the box with tape. Do the same with the other side.

  9. You can stop at this point, especially if you have used nicely printed wrapping paper. Adding decorations might just make it look messy. However, if you have used plain wrap, you can add lace or ribbons.

  10. Lastly, don’t forget to place your card at the side or center of the gift. Make sure that you write your name on the card together with your greeting so that the recipient can thank you properly after. Secure the card with a tape also.

The steps showing how to gift wrap should be easy to follow. The best thing is that once you know the basic steps, you can always improvise and add more designs by folding the wrapper differently. Just keep it as neat as possible. The receiver of the gift will be absolutely delighted!


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