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How to Gift Wrap a Box

How to Gift Wrap a Box How to Gift Wrap a Box

Some people might not understand the significance of proper gift wrapping. Although the present itself is more important, the art of gift wrapping tells the receiver how much effort the giver has put into the gift, not to mention that a properly-wrapped gift just looks nice and neat. This will also serve as the first impression of the gift. No matter how good the gift is, if the wrapping is sloppy, it will not look enticing. If you don’t know how to wrap your gift, then you should start with the basics and put your gift inside a box for easier wrapping. Here are the steps on how to gift wrap a box easily:

  1. Gather all your needed materials:



    Gift wrapping paper


    Regular or double-sided tape

    Ready-made ribbon



  2. Before you put the gift in the box, make sure that you have removed the price tag.

    If you cannot remove the price tag without harming the gift in the process, another option is to get a black marker and black out the price. One last option is to get a piece of regular tape, tape it on one end of the tag, and then pull it off. Usually, the price sticker will come off along with it.

  3. Place the gift in the box. Although you can just wrap the gift by itself, it is easier to wrap inside a box because all of the edges are straight and even. If your box has some loose edges, you may want to tape it together so that it will not come apart during the gift wrapping process. Use only a little bit of tape on each side.

  4. Work on a hard, sturdy surface to make your gift wrapping task easier, and make sure you have plenty of room. Unroll the wrapping paper, printed side down, over the surface.

  5. Place the gift on the unrolled wrapping paper and measure how much paper you will need. To know how much paper you will need, you have to make sure there is enough to go around the box. In addition, you have to make sure that there is extra paper on each side, since you need your wrapping paper to overlap. It is better to have extra paper than not enough, since you can always cut off excess paper, but you can’t add more.

  6. Mark where you will cut. You have to make sure that the line cuts are straight, so it will be helpful to use a ruler or any other material with a straight edge to guide you with your line cuts. You may also fold along the line, unfold it, and then cut along the fold. Set aside the extra wrapping paper if you can still use it for other gifts.

  7. Place the box in the middle of your wrapping paper, upside down, to make sure that your receiver will open it right side up.

  8. Fold the paper around the box. Take one side on the horizontal part of your paper and fold it over the bottom of your gift, then fold over the other side as well. Take the longer side and fold it under to create a smooth crease rather than a jagged line. Place this crease over the top of the other end and pull the paper snugly around the box. Secure the edges with tape.

  9. As for the left and right edges of your package, fold the corners in such a way that you create a triangle, then fold the straight end over, pull it to the top of your package, and tape it. Repeat this on the other side.

  10. Once you have wrapped the box, add the ribbon on the top center of the gift. Tape the card and write the name of the receiver, your message, and then your name.

Knowing the steps on how to gift wrap a box will help you make your gift presentable and neat. This technique will also jumpstart your learning other ways to wrap your gift.


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