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How to Give a Dog a Rabies Shot

How to Give a Dog a Rabies Shot

Rabies vaccinations must only be performed by a veterinarian under the laws of the United States but there are exceptions especially in remote areas – where vets are out of reach or fully occupied with a long list of waiting patients. How to give a dog a rabies shot is therefore a necessary know-how for dog owners in these territories. Once you have the right or permission to do so, also follow the directions on proper handling after buying them from a reputable drug store. Follow these steps to make sure:

  1. Inquire from your local government office where to secure a permit to vaccinate your dog yourself after having some consultation with the veterinary services in your community if you have any. Any animal-related agency will also be able to help you with your dilemma. This could be agricultural, quarantine or animal-control establishments.

  2. Go ahead and purchase anti-rabies vaccine from a registered pharmacy near you. It will come with a label with all the directions on how to handle and use it.

    Pay close attention to these because unrefrigerated vaccines that must be kept cold prior to use will lose its efficiency in preventing your dog from getting sick. If this is not convenient for you and you decided to buy online instead, return the shots when there are signs of tampering and when not properly preserved as they should be within the express courier process.

  3. Check if the vaccine bottle temperature is maintained from 2 to 7 degrees Celsius when it reaches you. Examine the syringe and needle that come with it. If there’s none, buy a disposable 1 millimeter syringe and a needle that is a bit longer than the standard size to be able to easily allow muscle penetration. Do the proper shaking as indicated when you are convinced that it is perfectly in good condition.

  4. Insert the needle to the vial after attaching it to the syringe. Hold it up while gently pulling the syringe’s plunger backwards to draw the solutions inside the vial. By now, you must have already positioned your dog on top of the table ready to be controlled for the necessary injection. Push the plunger a bit forward to test the flow and to make sure that you’re not injecting air into your dog’s system.

  5. Realize that injecting the vaccine intramuscularly - hitting a muscle in the thigh is the best way to let the shot flow along the blood streams of the dog. To do this, the depth of the injection should be around half an inch. Push the plunger totally to inject all the fluids inside it. Assist with your left hand using a cotton ball dipped with alcohol when drawing the injection from your dog’s skin. Press the cotton firmly to the injected part to prevent bleeding.

  6. Observe the vaccinated dog for hours after the injection. It may develop some allergies like rashes or much worst. Bring it to the emergency unit of the animal hospital when there’s shortness of breathing and if it is vomiting. Minor reactions will be gone completely after two weeks or so.

How to give a dog a rabies shot must be facilitated only when it is allowed where you are – otherwise, bring your dog to the vet if it did not have the shot yet. Regardless of the regulation, this is for you and your community’s protection. Rabies can be transferred from the dog to humans through bites and it can affect the brain seriously that can even lead to death.


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