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How to Give a Dog a Vaccine Shot

How to Give a Dog a Vaccine Shot

A dog needs vaccines as much as humans do. They help the body to perform better and fight off diseases which may damage your dog’s health. There are specific kinds of vaccines such as anti rabies, kennel cough, distemper, coronavirus and other kinds of viruses and diseases. These vaccines may be given in a single shot commonly known as the 5-way or the 7-way. Learn how to give a dog a vaccine shot and perform it on him even when you are at home. This benefits both the dog and you, as the human companion. Keep in mind that different kinds of vaccines must be administered to the dog at different life stages. Here are a few more tips you can apply when giving a vaccine shot to your pet.

  1. Purchase vaccines from trusted sources. One of the best places to buy vaccines for your dog is at your local veterinarian clinic. There will be vaccines for every dog need. Also remember to keep your dog’s vaccine refrigerated and at the right temperature.  You can also purchase them from online; however, make sure that they are refrigerated even when being shipped.

    not, the vaccine will lose its effectiveness.

  2. Set up a vaccination schedule. An older dog may require only a few shots while a small and growing puppy will need more vaccinations as he grows. Parvovirus shot can be administered when the puppy is five weeks old and, six to nine months old. Combination vaccines can also be given. Lastly, between 12 to 15 months, give your puppy another combination vaccine accompanied by a rabies vaccine. Older dogs need booster shots at least once a year.

  3. Place your dog in a comfortable position. Approach him calmly. Place a puppy on a small table to prevent him from running away. An older dog can just sit or lay on the floor as you administer the vaccination.

  4. Prepare the vaccine. Vials of clean and sterile water and powdered vaccine must be set up and prepared. Using a surgical syringe, squeeze the water from the vial before drawing out the powdered vaccine. Shake a few times and repeat the procedure until the syringe is filled with the solution. Make sure that there are no air bubbles visible in the syringe. This could cause damage when inserted into the body.

  5. Slowly insert the syringe into the dog’s body. When inserting the syringe, the needle must go past the hair and into beneath the dog’s skin. This procedure is otherwise known as the subcutaneous procedure. After administering the vaccine, slowly pull out the syringe from the body of the dog, making sure that it is not accompanied with blood. When performing this procedure on your dog, try not to insert and push the syringe on the sensitive spot of his body so it will become easy for you and your dog.

Knowing how to give a dog a vaccine shot is cheaper than paying for a costly vet visit. The right knowledge on the task at hand is all that you need to have to live with a healthy and protected dog.


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