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How to Give Cats Pills

How to Give Cats Pills

There may be times when your cat suffers from infection or intestinal parasites that your vet will prescribe a medication in the form of pills. There are several ways and how to give cats pills, and it’s important for you to practice these methods in order to make sure that your kitty is getting the proper medication.  Here are some ways that you can try to administer pills to your cat:

  1. Mix the pill with wet cat food that is the canned ones that have some chunky pieces. You can insert the pill into one of the pieces if it is not too big. Monitor that it is being eaten by your cat along with the pill.  Do not give too much canned cat food to make sure that it will consume everything including the pill.  You can just give it more food if you are unsure that the pill was swallowed by the cat already. Put a bowl of water right beside the wet cat food so your cat can drink and ensure that the pill is pushed down its throat and into its stomach.

  2. Mash the pill with the use of two spoons. Place the pill inside one spoon and use the back of the other spoon to mash it.

    rt enough force. Ask your veterinarian if it is safe to mash the pill he has prescribed for your cat’s condition as there are some pills that are time release.  If your cat ingests it entirely, it might cause some adverse effects. Mix this mashed pill with the cat food your cat usually eats. Put just enough food so that the taste and smell of the pill will not affect the taste of the cat food.

  3. Another method that is effective is by pushing the pill down your cat’s throat.  Prepare a water-filled syringe.  First make your unsuspecting pet cat comfortable by massaging and petting its body, and then move to its head. With one hand, open your cat’s mouth by pressing on each corner of its jaw with your thumb and ring finger in order for it to open its mouth.  With your other hand, quickly put the pill as far down your cat’s throat as you can reach. Then quickly pump in the water from the syringe to push the pill back and close the cat’s mouth. Gently massage your cat’s throat with its mouth still closed to make sure it does not spit out the pill.

    It is best if you use this method while your pet cat is still a kitten or it will not like the discomfort and see it as a punishment.   After swallowing the pill, give your cat some treats to make it comfortable again with your touch.

  4. You can also use a pill gun if you are afraid of being bitten by your pet cat. Mount the pill at the opening of the pill gun. Open the mount of your cat by letting it look up.  This way it will be easy for you to open its mouth. Now release the trigger of your pill gun, and with a water-filled syringe, push water along with the pill to flush it into your cat’s throat. Now gently massage its throat to help push the pill downward some more.

Learning how to give cats pills may be hard at first, but with constant practice it will guarantee your pet cat is getting the correct medication. Make sure you have consulted your veterinarian on the length of time the cat should take the pills. Caring for your pet cat is somewhat like caring for a baby.


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