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How to Give Medicine to a Cat

How to Give Medicine to a Cat

Administering medicines to a cat is not an easy thing to do. Veterinarians can do it well, but you can learn to do it too.  If you learn these techniques below on how to give medicine to a cat, you will be able to do it successfully. Here are some directives:

  1. Use a medicine dropper or syringe. This tool will make it easier for you to administer a liquid or gel form of medicine to your cat. You can purchase this from the veterinarian’s clinic or any pet store. Load the dropper or syringe with the exact dose of liquid medicine. Make sure to follow the prescribed dosage from the veterinarian.

  2. Take the cat and place it on a table. You must be in a standing position to have enough strength while holding the cat. Using your left hand, take hold of the cat’s fur behind its head and gently but firmly pull its head back. A cat’s usual response will be to open its mouth.  If you think that you cannot control the cat if it struggles, you may ask somebody to assist you.

  3. Get the dropper and place it inside the cat’s mouth between its cheek and teeth and then squirt the medicine in.

    the cat a firm tap on its nose to let it swallow quickly. Never squeeze the liquid medicine onto its tongue or near its throat. It will choke the cat. It can be fatal to your cat when its airway becomes obstructed.

  4. Use a plunger or pilling device for a tablet or capsule medicine. You can choose from different types of pilling devices, but a pill pusher with a rubber tip works best. It will prevent the cat’s mouth from closing every time you try to insert the plunger inside its mouth.

  5. Take the pill and place it in the plunger. Set aside an area on the table together with the syringe containing water so that you can easily grab it as soon as the cat opens its mouth. Place your cat on the table.  Make sure to keep your cat in a good mood while doing this process. You may expect extreme struggling if the cat is stressed. Do not forget to prepare surprise treats for your cat and have them on hand. Place the treat inside your pocket or in a small bowl for the cat.

  6. Hold the cat’s head by its fur on the back of its neck using your left hand. Put a little pressure on it. Tilt its head back slowly and then grab the pill pusher with your right hand. Once the cat’s mouth is open, put the plunger into its mouth and then push the medicine in right away. Firmly tap or even squeeze the cat’s nose to help the cat swallow the medicine immediately. Rub its throat gently just to make sure that it has swallowed the pill and will not spit up the medicine afterwards. Take the syringe with water and give it to the cat. Follow up this unwelcome procedure with your treat. Your cat will surely appreciate your generosity.

  7. Follow the veterinarian’s instructions and make a check list to monitor the proper dosages and times for the administration of the medicine. Improper methods of giving medicines to your cat will be dangerous to its health.

Do not ignore the veterinarian’s advice on how to give medicine to a cat.  These helpful instructions are for the welfare of your cat. Avoid making assumptions that the treatment given to your neighbor’s cat will also be effective for your pet. The reasons why they are sick might not be the same. Consult the professionals for recommended medications to be assured of your cat’s swift recovery.


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