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How to Give Yourself a Complete Makeover

How to Give Yourself a Complete Makeover

There are many reasons for wanting a makeover. You could be recovering from a breakup, wanting a fresh look for the New Year, or alarmed at the fact that you look the same as your throwback pictures from a decade ago. Here are tips on how to give yourself a complete makeover.

  1. Self-assess

    A makeover presupposes a change from the old to the new. You need to take stock of the old to make sure the new will be different. Take a “before” picture. You will need to be objective and take a hard look at yourself and not consider everything to be flaws. You have assets that should be celebrated and problem areas that you might want to disguise. If you need to, ask a good friend or relative to give you frank advice.

    Brainstorm on looks that are different from your usual but are still flattering. If you are a sweatshirt and jeans kind of person, think about switching to dresses or tops with form-fitting styles. If your closet looks like that of a goth, try pairing your pieces with rich, gemstone hues or go a notch higher and aim for pastels.

    hink of outfits that you would never wear normally. An example would be switching from a Type A person image in crisp black and whites to someone who looks approachable in a billowy, floral blouse. Another example would be realizing that your clothes are all too comfortable and baggy, and then changing it up to a figure-hugging dress and heels.

  2. Clear your closet

    This does not mean that you need to get rid of everything you’ve been wearing and buy a whole new wardrobe. This step has the double purpose of revamping your wardrobe and organizing your closet. First, remove the clothes that are too old, faded, damaged, or irreparably stained. Donate or dispose of them. With your desired new image in mind, look at your existing clothes and think of outfit combinations that you can make to fit the new image. This will energize your creative mind as you become the stylist to your new self. You may need to make alterations to make your clothes form-fitting and more flattering. You can add a broken string of fake pearls to a brooch and pin it to a sweater. You can cut up old-fashioned jeans into casual shorts. Remove shoulder pads from a flattering tailored jacket. Explore layering. Have fun with your friends by trying on the outfits and asking them to rate your looks. Hang the outfits and take pictures so you know what to wear as you transition to your new look. A makeover doesn’t have to cost much. Again, you don’t want to do something rash like shop for expensive outfits for your new look.

  3. Get made up

    Go to a trusted hairstylist and have your hair done differently by asking them for hairstyle suggestions befitting your new look. Have your makeup done too and take your “after” pictures. For the next few days, strut around in your new outfits and practice putting on the appropriate makeup for it. Marvel at your transformation.

If your reason for a makeover is because you want to show your ex what they missed, it might not matter if they do not see your new self after all. The best benefit from a makeover is its ability to boost your self-esteem and give you motivation to proceed with life. With these techniques on how to give yourself a complete makeover, you will have an extra spring in your step and get many likes on your new pictures.


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