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How to Groom a Cat

How to Groom a Cat

Do you really have to groom cats? Not really – because they are naturally born with an instinct to clean themselves. Hair balls need to be smoothen-out for long-haired cats, but for the ones with short hair, it’s really just a matter of spending some quality time together. How to groom a cat is actually a bonding activity between a cat and its owner. Though cats lick themselves to insulate their bodies from hot weather, grooming can also help in spreading natural oil that protects their skin and hair. Here are the ways to let your cat enjoy grooming with you:

  1. Start a grooming routine with your cat when it is still young. Use this as an opportunity to check imperfections in your cat’s body. It could be parasites, skin rashes or just bad hair.

  2. A fine-toothed comb made of metal can do the job well for short-haired cats. Use it together with a rubber brush for the removal of falling hairs. The combing or brushing strokes must be gentle enough, following one direction from the roots to the tips of the cat’s hairs.

    ish the coat, sweeping from the head down using a bristle brush.

  3. Deal with the knots or mats if your cat has long hairs. Try teasing it with your fingers first to see if they can be strengthened out. Better to carefully cut off the bad tangles than apply force in your desperate attempt to smoothen them out. If you are not confident in doing this yourself, a veterinarian can do it for you.

  4. If there are just too many tangles in your cat’s hair, it’s time to consider a lion cut. This is basically shaving the body of your cat except the head, tail and feet. This look is very chic and most cats do not mind showing off their fancy look. Cats can be flamboyant when they feel comfortable in their surroundings.

  5. Bathing is not a must for cats, but if it gets filthy and smelly - go ahead and give it a good wash. Just make sure that the water you are going to use is not too cold or too hot. A warm bath will not cause too much resistance. Have that towel handy just in case it attempts to escape before finishing the process.

  6. Once the cat is done bathing and still wrapped up with the towel, it’s the perfect time for trimming the nails. Let it sit on your lap but support it firmly by putting it under your arm. Take out one paw and squeeze it gently to reveal the claws. With the use of guillotine cutters, cut a bit of the claw tips. As long as you won’t cut them up to the cat’s flesh, it will not hurt.

How to groom a cat is one of the activities that you can enjoy with your cat because it’s not a necessity. Cat owners just love to nurture their cats in whatever way they can. It will keep your home tidy too because cat hair will not be everywhere. Since cats cannot do without scratching to sharpen their claws, your furniture, carpets and floors will be safe from its trimmed claws. Indeed, it’s more enjoyable hugging and kissing your cat when you know that it is very clean.


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