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How to Groom a Cat at Home

How to Groom a Cat at Home

Grooming must be part of the daily routine for cats. As a pet owner ensuring that your cat has good hygiene practices will help prevent parasites from spreading around your household. They can be major irritants for your family members. Learn how to groom a cat at home for a healthy and huggable pet that you and your family will surely enjoy. Here’s how:

  1. Be patient in grooming your cat. Do not think of grooming your cat as an added chore. Enjoy the moment and make grooming an interesting pastime. Take it as an opportunity for you and your pet to bond. In this manner, you can establish a strong relationship with your pet without being burdened by it. Pets will feel secure when you are always around them. Frustration is the result of inattentiveness on your behalf.

  2. Choose a suitable pin comb or brush and shampoo for your cat’s hair. A slicker brush can be used for gentle hair brushing.  You can buy this at any local pet shop. A short haired cat requires less effort in grooming. You may just need to do the combing and trimming once a week.

    long haired cat requires hair trimming more often in order to avoid tangled or knotted hair. Make sure that the cat is in a good mood before you start brushing or trimming its hair. You may sit beside it or put it in your lap. Gently brush its fur from top to bottom. Take your time until it has the urge to get away from you.  You may continue brushing until you finish both sides of its coat.

  3. Give it some treats for motivation. Getting your cat to settle down is sometimes the most difficult part. Before you start the grooming session, prepare some delightful treats for it to enjoy.  This will encourage it to trust you. Once this feeling is established, it will stay beside you more often.

  4. Bathe long haired cats as often as possible. They will surely have smooth and tangle-free fur. A thick furred cat can easily become smelly and daily trimming and bathing may be necessary to avoid falling hairs.  There’s a possibility that your cat will swallow some of its hair if it’s constantly falling out. This is not healthy for the cat. Hairballs may be formed inside your cat’s stomach, causing vomiting and uneasiness.

  5. Complete the set of grooming tools specifically made for cats as you go along. You may see the need for nail clippers, ear buds, extra towels and toothbrushes for its dental care. Clip your cat’s claws as part of the grooming activity. Just like humans, you must also set a regular routine for brushing or cleaning its teeth, ears and nose.

  6. Good grooming habits must be practiced when your cat is still a kitten. It is easier to train a young cat than an adult cat that is already set in its ways.

Details on how to groom a cat at home can be obtained from various sources, such as the Internet and books.  Be hands-on in caring for your pets because there are advantages in doing so. Just like any other family member, you will be proud to present your pet to visitors, especially when it is clean, well-behaved and groomed.


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