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How to Groom a Cat With Matted Hair

How to Groom a Cat With Matted Hair

Like any other house pets, a cat needs to be taken care of and shown love and affection, which includes taking him to the veterinarian once in a while and giving him a groom. A cat may develop matted fur, which is caused by a lot of factors. Mats in the hair of your cat can make him uncomfortable and irritated. Dirt, mulch and leaves that cats come in contact with can form mats on the fur when not properly combed. Clumping together of the fur can also be caused by fleas, which also need to be treated. You can treat them at the same time and get healthier fur for your cat. The seasons of spring and fall, when natural shredding occurs, can also cause the matted hair of your cat. The thick undercoat next to the skin of the cat can become tangled. Matted hair can be a result of developing grease when they are not able to groom themselves because of their obesity. There are times when you are not able to prevent the clumping of the fur. However, there are tips you can learn on how to groom a cat with matted hair. Here are the tips:

  1. Place the cat in its most comfortable position.

    Your cat needs to be comfortable before you can start untangling the matted fur. Let your cat sit on your lap, on the floor or anywhere that makes him comfortable and well-placed. You may try to remove the matted hair after the cat has eaten as they tend to be calmer and relaxed during this time. Approach the cat with tender love and in a calm manner and do not let him see the scissors you are going to use.

  2. Comb the matted fur with your fingers first. As both of you are in a relaxed and calm manner, run through the fur of your cat with your fingers. This will help the cat feel more comfortable and soothed. If that does not work, slowly pull out the scissors from your pocket, but do not let your cat see it as this may frighten him. Slowly trim your way through the middle of the fur but away from the skin. This should be easy to do with long-haired cats; however, you have to be extra careful when dealing with short-haired cats.

  3. Caress the cat as you go through the process. Reassure the cat that everything is going well as you comb the hair mat apart. If necessary, trim down some more of the hair. Cut off the hair mat if it has been worked apart and is already away from the skin. Whenever the cat show signs of restlessness stop the grooming and come back at another time. The attention span of a cat does not last long so you have to exercise patience when working on it.

  4. Reward the cat. Recompense the effort the cat has shown through a treat or longer playtime.

  5. Give your cat a trip to the professional groomer. If the hair mat is at a delicate area or the tangle is extreme, do not attempt grooming the cat yourself. You may need to send your cat to a professional groomer, who will know how to deal with it better than you do.

Now that you have given your cat a good groom and have taken out the matted hair, your cat will feel more comfortable and relaxed. It is also good to comb the fur often as this is part of learning how to groom a cat with matted hair.


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