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How to Groom a Cocker Spaniel at Home

How to Groom a Cocker Spaniel at Home

Cocker spaniels stand out among many breeds. They are truly amazing and their big, floppy ears are gorgeous. Their smooth and silky hair is truly their biggest asset. However, when it comes to grooming issues, a cocker spaniel is somewhat difficult to groom. It is very high maintenance. Here are helpful tips on how to groom a cocker spaniel at home:

  1. Do some research and learn from different web sites about Cocker spaniels. Some breeders advertise new tools to make grooming easier. You can order a complete set of grooming tools online. You may also adopt the trending looks for Cockers as they become popular. Your Cocker will never be out of fashion when you get your updates from books and magazines.

  2. Purchase a complete set of quality clippers. Clippers are the most important tools in maintaining a Cocker’s coat. Use a number 8 blade for clipping. Clip the Cocker’s top coat, going along its entire back coat including the tail. Level them to look neat. Shear its cheek, chin, upper and under paws, including the hair around its anus.

    ust be careful not to hurt the sensitive part of its anus.  Enhance your Cocker’s look by carefully shaping its hairy ears to become a main attraction. This must be maintained every six weeks.

  3. Organize all the grooming tools on a grooming table. It should have built-in cabinets to segregate your dog’s things. Place the table in a quiet place in the house so that the dog will not get distracted.  Prepare an exciting treat before the grooming session begins. According to most breeders, Cockers can be very cooperative during the grooming activity when exposed to it early in life.

  4. Buy a specialized dog shampoo and conditioner to maintain the Cocker’s hair silky and smooth.  Use a sufficient amount during every bath, then blow dry its hair after rinsing. Continue brushing the hair until the tangles and massive shedding have been dealt with. Shedding is normal for Cockers. Keep the dog’s hair short and bathe it at least once a week.

  5. Choose different kinds of hair brushes. A combination of a pin brush, large brush and steel brush work best for a Cocker’s coat. Before trimming starts, comb the entire coat initially with a pin brush. It will enjoy the brushing process. Finish brushing using a steel brush to remove mats or knotted hair.

  6. Prepare cotton balls and ear and eye solutions. The dog’s eyes and ears can possibly become irritated by stray hair, especially after brushing. Serious infections can occur if the hair is not properly removed. Drop an adequate amount of solution in its eyes or ears. Get a cotton ball and gently wipe the affected area. Cockers are prone to ear infections, so regular visits to the vet are good precautionary measures.

  7. Visit a dog salon. A lot of pet owners do not mind the cost of the grooming service as long as their pets look great. This is ideal when you have a busy schedule. Professional groomers really do a brilliant job. If it gives you the convenience and satisfaction, it’s worth spending some money.

These strategies on how to groom a Cocker spaniel at home are not at all stressful. You can easily incorporate your dog’s grooming regimen into your routine no matter what your lifestyle.


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