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How to Groom a Long Haired Cat

How to Groom a Long Haired Cat

Get a long-haired cat only if you are committed to devoting some time in maintaining and nourishing it. You may realize that grooming a long- haired cat is quite a fuss. Discover some techniques on how to groom a long-haired cat. Read through the following tips. They might work for you:

  1. Train up your little kitty. Grooming activity is somewhat stressful for adult cats when they do this for the first time. You probably can’t take it to your lap just to do hair brushing – it will be too scared. Expose your cat to grooming methods when it is still young. You can establish some routines for it to cooperate. This can include exercise and grooming sessions. Once your kitten has adapted to its daily pattern of activities, you have already won its trust.

  2. Purchase some grooming tools specifically made for cats with long hair. There are now cat grooming stations available that will make grooming sessions more systematic. This will make the procedure more organized. You can store different types of hair brushes or combs according to their usage.

    slicker brush for easy removal of tangles hairs can also be fitted where it can be more accessible when needed. Scissors and nail clippers also have their own place. Organic shampoo and conditioner for your cats – formulated for that healthy, glossy and tangle-free fur – are clearly visible in the station’s display section. Never use hair products for humans – they can’t be as good as the products made for cats.

  3. Keep brushing your cat’s fur. Constantly brushing the cat’s long hair will help prevent the formation of knotted or tangled hair. If your cat’s hair has lots of mats, run your finger gently through them first to try to remove those mats. Use the slicker brush initially to avoid hurting the cat’s skin. Next to that is the wide toothed-comb, which you can use for combing the cat’s hair from head to tail. Finally, use a fine toothed comb as the finishing touch for the coat.

  4. Spare some time for a kitty bath. It would be nice if the cat’s hair can be submerged into the water, so that the hair will be thoroughly cleaned. If this is not possible, use a hose sprayer. Apply an adequate amount of shampoo followed by conditioner. Wash them off immediately.  The faster you can make it, the better. Cats hate this part of the bathing session. Make sure to carefully clean its eyes, ears, nose - including its anus. Use a soft cloth to clean the rear end. Grab the towel and wrap it around the cat. Continue to cover it with the towel until it’s a little dry. You may return the cat to its cage to let it dry completely. Otherwise, use a drier. Just avoid overheating – it will burn your cat’s fur and skin. Finish off with a slicker brush.

  5. Use the nail clippers to trim the claws. Trimming its claws is another way of enhancing the growth of its muscles. The hairy feet can be carefully trimmed with scissors as well. You can either do some designing or just emphasize the cat’s gorgeous paws. Finally, brush its teeth to minimize cavities. This is quite a tough thing to do, but only in the beginning. Use latex gloves to protect your hands from bites or scratches.

How to groom a long-haired cat is an exciting task to perform. Do not take it as a burden. Instead, treasure this precious time with your pet.


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