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How to Groom a Pomeranian

How to Groom a Pomeranian

Pomeranians are hairy little dogs that are simply cute and very lovable. If you own one, it is necessary to know the basics on how to groom a Pomeranian. They are meek little dogs so it should not be hard to do it. Its appearance will definitely depend on how good you are in trimming its fur. Here are the ways to guide you:

  1. Regularly give your Pomeranian a bath not necessarily every day. You will be surprised that when it gets wet, much of the volume you see is just the hair and the body is just a really small structure. Use a shampoo that is recommended by your vet, not so strong to make your pet’s hair dry. Rinse the shampoo thoroughly and towel off to make them dry. Use a soft bristled brush to dry the hair with an upward stroke. As soon as it is really dry, start to trim the hair on the head. Follow the contour of your pet’s head and trim excess hair.

  2. Trim excess hair on the ears. Be careful not to trim including the ears. A precaution is to clip the ears with your two fingers to allow cutting on the excess hair excluding the ears of course as its ear is relatively thin.

    ake sure your pet is on a standstill whenever you trim as it might move impulsively and will get hurt by the sheers you are using.

  3. Move to trim the hair on its entire body. Just follow the contour of its built and cut uniformly. Include trimming the hair on its legs and tail. Brush with an upward stroke again and by this time you should be able to see the final shape. Make the finishing trim just to make it evenly cut and shaped just right.

  4. Cut your Pomeranian’s nails regularly and make sure you will not include a portion of its skin. There is no need to make it really short as you can just trim it along with its bath. Use a sharp nail trimmer to make it easy.  It is wise to acquire good grooming gadgets like your scissors, nail trimmer and soft bristled brush as you will be using this regularly.

  5. Feed your pet with nutritious and healthy food.  Proper nutrition is part of good grooming. Its hair will be smooth and shiny naturally when it is healthy. The skin too will be naturally healthy. Inspect if there are parasites thriving on your dog’s skin and take measures to remove them and treat the affected skin.

  6. Finally, make sure that your pet’s sleeping and living area is clean and tidy. It is good to disinfect from time to time. Clean also the yard as Pomeranian’s are noted to be playful and active pets. They move around quite a lot thus collecting all kinds of dirt with its prolific soft hair.

Having a Pomeranian as household pet is really a joy as they are very friendly and tamed dogs. They easily learn tricks and would love to play with you always. They are very smart too. How to groom a Pomeranian is a must as they love to be cuddled and for sure you can’t resist cuddling one with its cute face and petite size. It is also very easy to transport it in your car or just by walking around with a leash outside your vicinity. Endeavor to train the dog not to go far from you to avoid losing your lovely pet.


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