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How to Groom a Pug

How to Groom a Pug

A pug never fails to catch your attention, dog lover or not, because of its face’s physical features. The dog has cute round droopy eyes, a protruded nose, flat and squared muzzle and slightly droopy ears. The wrinkles, curve lines, contortions and moles on his face add to the dog’s uniqueness and distinctiveness. It is highly important that you are careful when choosing to own a pug because of how much its coat sheds. Shedding, brushing and bathing are components of how to groom a pug which should be given to your pet from time to time. Here are a few grooming tips for your pug.

  1. Brush the coat. A pug’s coat sheds frequently. This is the dog’s natural way of grooming himself. Although this can easily turn out messy, there is nothing you can do about it but control it through brushing. Brushing your pug’s coat can easily become a bonding moment for you and your pet because he naturally enjoys being handled and cuddled by his human friends. You can slowly run your brush through the head’s coat, being extra careful when near his eyes. Next work your way down through his body and legs.

    After spending time brushing your pet’s and giving his body some lovable strokes, you can start worrying about and start cleaning the hair which has shed and spread all over the place. You probably won’t mind the mess he has created since it comes from a truly adorable pet.

  2. Your Pug’s wrinkle lines need cleaning too. Frown lines on the face are unique features which a Pug has and this needs to be kept clean. Take time to gently wipe the moisture off the wrinkles a few times each week using a tissue, wash cloth or cotton ball. It is possible that moisture and other elements can penetrate this part of his body where bacteria and molds can settle in and carry diseases with them.

  3. Bathing should be done regularly. A Pug needs to be bathed at least once a month to keep dirt, ticks and other debris from staying on his skin. The nearest pet shop should have a specific kind of dog shampoo which will be suitable for your pet. Be careful not to put water on your pet’s ears. If you have to, gently place a cotton ball on his ears to protect them. While you are at it, you also may want to look into your pet’s eyes and check if there are any foreign objects in them.

  4. Nails have to be trimmed too. Your Pug is no different than any other dog breed. They do not like their nails clipped. It is still important for you to perform this grooming task in order to keep him healthy. When the nails of your Pug scratches solid ground, only one of two things will happen. It may help keep them short or they may break and cause pain to your puppy’s paws.

Put your pet on your lap and pat him until he becomes calm and gives you his trust. Slowly pull his legs towards you one at a time and then clip the nails off. Learning how to groom a pug also includes dental grooming which completes and adds to the overall good looks and smell of your lovable friend.


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