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How to Groom a Schnauzer

How to Groom a Schnauzer

Grooming your pet schnauzer is a fun activity. You don’t need to be an expert, but doing it regularly can hone your artistic talent. These are tamed dogs, so you won’t have a hard time caring for them. Here are some basic pointers on how to groom a Schnauzer.  Learn them by heart and your pet will surely look its best:

  1. Bathe your Schnauzer only as needed. When you see its flocks getting dirty and tangled, it means it is bath time. You can use various commercially available dog shampoos and conditioners, but be careful what you choose.  Some are too strong and may take away the natural oil and shine of its hair, and some may cause skin blemishes and other irritations. Ask your vet for more information; it saves you the trouble of doing it by trial and error.

  2. A Schnauzer’s ears need to be cleaned as needed. Check on it regularly. You can use commercially available ear cleaners or simply make your own by diluting apple cider vinegar with water. This will easily clear out the wax inside. During bath time, be careful that water doesn’t get inside your Schnauzer’s ears as this can cause ear infections.


  3. When it is time to give your pet a haircut, prepare the necessary paraphernalia like clippers, scissors, a comb, brush, hair blower and nail cutter. It is good to invest in quality tools as you can continuously use them. A Schnauzer’s flock gets thick and prolific. Towel dry your pet and dry further using a blower set on fan or low heat, so you can see the full volume of your pet’s flocks. When ready to trim, you can start on its face using a pair of scissors; remember to cut across the hair that is covering your Schnauzer’s eyes. Trim the whiskers and excess hair on the face and trim or pluck the hair covering the ears. Follow the natural curve or shape of the face when you trim. This can improve your pet’s appearance.

  4. You can now start trimming the body with the use of a no. 10 clipper from the base of the skull to the tail.  Leave behind a 1 inch thick margin from the skin all over. Make it as uniform as possible. Trim the chest too and do it uniformly with a 1 inch thick margin left from the hocks. Now you can trim the hair on his legs using a pair of scissors. Shape it up to your liking and include the under body and the tail. Brush the newly trimmed flocks and re-trim areas that need to be polished.

  5. Now you can start cutting your pet’s nails. Make sure you don’t cut them too short and damage the skin. It is best to cut your pet’s nails every two weeks. Eventually it will get used to the process.

When you have mastered how to groom a Schnauzer the right way, there is no need to hire a professional.  Unless you are attending a dog show, your home grooming will be just fine.  This is an activity you will surely enjoy, especially if your Schnauzer is very cooperative during grooming time. This is one habit you can develop with your pet that both of you will surely love. A well groomed pet dog will look neat and healthy. It will make you want to spend more time with it for sure.


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