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How to Groom a Standard Schnauzer

How to Groom a Standard Schnauzer

Standard Schnauzers excel in dog shows. They are considered hypo-allergenic pets because of their healthy and non-shedding hair. Customary Schnauzers are smart and loving dogs, but good grooming is necessary to enhance their looks.  Read the following steps below on how to groom a Standard Schnauzer.

  1. Purchase a wooden table with thu-the-top  – a multi-layered table designed for grooming dogs. A grooming table will make the grooming session easier. You can order this online or at any pet store. Set the table in a quiet area of your house. Dogs are not at ease when confined in an uncomfortable place. Make it behave during its grooming session. Get ready with your treats - this will persuade it to stay still.

  2. Bathe your Standard Schnauzer often. It needs regular bathing due to its thick and curly hair. This will prevent your dog from developing unwanted smells and matted hair. Use shampoo and conditioner for dogs. Never try to use shampoo intended for humans - it may be too strong for your dog’s hair.

    won’t have a problem bathing a Standard Schnauzer if it gets used to the process while it is young. You can teach your kids to do the chore too.

  3. Use a grooming kit made particularly for dogs. This contains all the useful equipment you need to acquire to complete your grooming set. This way, you can perform the grooming activity comfortably. You can inquire about this product online or at any pet shop. The kit includes hair clippers. Choose the right size appropriate for your dog. Use an electric hair clipper to cut excessive hairs. Do not miss the hairy parts around its face, whiskers and paws.

  4. Create your own style for your dog. A Standard Schnauzer’s look is fashionable. Some pet owners are fond of keeping the underbelly hair long or creatively cut it in layers. You can see these haircut designs in some dog shows. There’s even an organized seminar on how to style the dog’s hair in a way that is beneficial to you. Hair trimming can be done every month.

  5. Trim its nails carefully. Trimming dog nails is difficult if the dog does not like it. You can use a manual nail trimmer or electric trimmer. You need to be very careful in doing this. The dog may struggle a lot and you could possibly hurt it. When the dog gets hurt, it will be continuously afraid of the session. Trim your dog’s nails every two weeks. You may ask the vet to do this for you.

  6. Keep its ears, nose, eyes, teeth and anus clean. These parts of your dog’s body are normally ports of infections if not properly cleaned. Always wipe or clean these areas when bathing or use a dry and clean cloth for each part when you are cleaning them randomly. Use an ear solution to protect its ears from infection.

  7. Provide it with healthy foods. Standard Schnauzers need a balanced and nutritious diet to maintain their strong physique and lustrous hair. Restrict them from eating unhealthy left-over foods. Chicken bone is dangerous for the dog. It will try to chew it but it can cause choking.  Throw away unwanted foods that are not good for your dog.

Grooming can be fun and a good activity for family bonding. You can teach your children the tips on how to groom a Standard Schnauzer. This chore can easily be performed by kids with the guidance of an adult.


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