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How to Groom a Yorkshire Terrier

How to Groom a Yorkshire Terrier

Grooming a Yorkshire terrier can just be a normal part of your routine.  It is like grooming a toddler, though they tend to be more behaved. Learning how to groom a Yorkshire terrier requires your unselfish nature. Surely they will enjoy the attention and the care you give to them.  Here are suggestions on how you can do this the right and easy way:

  1. Give them a haircut. As Yorkshire terriers are small dogs, it is very easy to handle them. If their hair is already very long, trim it. You can do any style you want but make sure the hair covering their eyes is trimmed so they can have a full view of things. The hair right next to their anus should also be trimmed as their waste easily contaminates this, making it dirty and untidy. Make sure your dog is behaving well and stays still when cutting its hair. Certainly, you will be sorry if you accidentally hurt your cute little dog with scissors.

  2. Give your yorkie a shower as needed. When its hair gets messy and dirty, then it is time for a shampoo.

    hoose a shampoo that is not too strong. Dilute a small amount of shampoo with water in a container. Wash its hair first with water and then distribute the shampoo evenly. Massage the shampoo on its hair all over the body. Rinse the shampoo off, making sure that all the dirt is taken off. Add in 4 tablespoons of conditioner.  This will make sure that its hair is easy to manage and free from tangles. Rinse off thoroughly.

  3. Make sure that bathing your Yorkshire terrier is done quickly. Prolonging it can make it feel cold and prone to respiratory diseases. As soon as the conditioner is rinsed off thoroughly, dry off the hair with an old but clean towel.  You can also use a blower that is set to fan or low heat only. When your dog’s hair is dried off, brush it with a hair brush and comb thoroughly. You can stylize your dog’s hair by tying some bunch of hairs around its head.  Do not tie it too tightly or you may hurt your pet.

  4. Should you need to color your pet’s hair - choose the hair dye that is mild as your dog can develop an allergic reaction due to chemicals in the solution. Ask recommendations, preferably from a very experienced dog owner, on the best products to use for your dog.

  5. Aside from keeping your dog’s body clean and beautiful, it is mandatory that its environment and living space is clean as well. Unclean surroundings can give it all sorts of diseases. Healthy foods should also be given to your pet. This should be given high priority or you will end up feeling worried and anxious when your pet gets sick. This would also mean more expenses for medication and consultation fees with your veterinarian. It will also save your pet from unnecessary pain and suffering.

How to groom a Yorkshire terrier takes a lot of patience and care. The result can assure you that you can be proud to show off your pet to your friends and relatives. Its mood will surely improve and it can feel your tender loving care.  Yorkshire terriers are very sweet pets, and for sure they will also reward all your hard work by being as lovely as ever.


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