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how to grow a garden

how to grow a garden

The basic knowledge about how to grow a garden is the same for all types of gardens, whether small, large, inside, outside, etc. For some people, gardening is their hobby, form of exercise, or way to relax. Some people focus on being able to eat what they grow. But whatever the reason, beginner gardeners need to know the basics about growing a garden to be successful.

  1. Check out the type of soil you have. Different soil compositions work well with different kinds of plants. You can have your soil checked and ask what plants will grow best in your soil. If ever your soil is not ideal at all for any planting, ask for further advice on what you can do to make it better. Always remember that good and healthy soil produces good and healthy plants.

  2. Consider your needs and wants plus feasibility when choosing plants. This mean choosing the plants base to suit you personally, whether it would be to have a beautiful garden, to grow herbs, etc. However, not all wants are feasible. Choose the plants that can do well where you are and ones that you can take care of.

    Also, understand the difference between annuals and perennials. Annuals only flower once and die within the year. Perennials last much longer and come back every year.

  3. Once all the planning, buy seeds or small plants or both. For beginners, it’s best to buy small plants. Once you get the hang of planting and gardening, you can try growing from seeds.

  4. Prepare the garden. Check for any possible entryways for animals that may destroy your garden. You may want to make a mini fence to keep these animals away. Pull out any weeds and grasses. Loosen your soil with a shovel. You can add a little water to aid to help.

  5. Keep your plants healthy by regularly watering them. It’s best to water them when there is still sunlight. This way the leaves will dry off properly before the sun sets. If your plants are still small, be careful that they won’t drown in too much water.

These steps are the basics on how to grow a garden that can help beginners get started. After succeeding the first year, expand a little bit the next year. You can read about crop rotation in planning your next year’s possible plants. Try out new other plants and expand your garden and its variety.


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