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How to Grow Dreadlocks

How to Grow Dreadlocks

When learning how to grow dreadlocks, there are no hard and fast rules. A lot depends on your creativity and sense of style. The natural method is preferred by many, particularly those who have the patience to do uniform twisting. Try the following steps to see if they will work on your hair:

  1. First things first, you will need someone to help you do the dreadlocks. Also, prepare all the needed materials. They include a 100% residue-free shampoo, a locking accelerator, dread wax, rubber bands, hair clips, a fine-toothed metal comb, and a soft-bristled brush.

  2. Set your hair for styling. Wash it well with the residue-free shampoo. Never use fragrant shampoos and conditioners—these will deter the hair from locking and make it easy for build-up to accumulate.

  3. Divide your hair into small sections to create small, pretty locks. A one-inch-squared section will create a pencil-sized lock. Twist the hair after sectioning it, and tie it with a rubber band near the base.

    Apply the dreadlock accelerator to it using a hair sprayer, and a bit of dread wax. Don’t use too much of it, and avoid heating your scalp. Repeat the process on the rest of the sectioned hair. Let the hair grow and observe it as it continues to form into dreadlocks.

  4. Try the twist and pin method for hair that is at least 6 inches long. Section your hair to accommodate the preferred lock size. Apply dreadlock wax on each section. Twist each one to create a small ball, and then clip it to lock it. Make sure that the hair clips hold the dreads firmly. It will take 6 months for them to fully lock.

  5. Use the brush and rub dreadlock method for hair 3-inches-long or shorter. For this process, you will just need a soft-bristled hair brush and dreadlock wax. You don’t need to section your hair. Just brush it clockwise. Keep on doing this until tiny dreads are created. They will eventually form into small dread balls. As soon as the dread balls form, apply dread wax to each one using your palm. It will take about two months to lock the dreads.

  6. You can get braided dreads if you have long hair. Divide your hair into sections, setting their thickness according to your preference. Tie each section with a rubber band to avoid it getting tangled up with another. Begin by braiding a single section. Remove the rubber band and braid that section from the base to the tip of your hair. Spray it with a locking accelerator and then dab a little dread wax on it. Repeat the process on the rest of the sections. Once you’re done, hold each braid between your palms. Rub and roll it for few minutes until the dread wax penetrates well into the hair. Enjoy your stunning braided dreadlocks after a year.

  7. Execute the finger twisting method. This method is better for shorter hair (about 3 inches-long). You can either divide the hair evenly or do the rub and brush method. Use your fingers to twist a small section of your hair and then spray it with a small amount of dreadlock accelerator. Allow it to dry before proceeding to the next section. Keep on twisting until you lock all your hair. Apply a thin layer of dread wax to the twisted hair to make the dreads firmer. Wait for at least 6 months to complete the locking process.

If you want to learn how to grow dreadlocks, you must be prepared to carry out proper maintenance to keep your hair and scalp clean. You will need to wash it with 100% residue-free shampoo every week. Follow up with twisting to maintain the shape of the dreads after washing them. You can apply small amounts of dread wax after retwisting the dreads to keep them in shape.


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