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How to Grow Grass Indoors

How to Grow Grass Indoors

If you like gardening but do not have the luxury of time to maintain a nice one, why not discover how to grow grass indoors? Grasses are not so difficult to take care of and you can even get your children involved in nurturing them. When properly managed, this can contribute to the ambiance of your home. Here’s how to make grass thrive within the four corners of your home beautifully:

  1. Choose ornamental containers that match the design of your home. Any containers will do because grasses are highly adaptable. Earth colors can add to the coziness of your home and are more likely suitable for any existing colors you may have painted on your walls. Popular ones are made of wood, ceramic or terra cotta. Just do not forget to add some gravel at the bottom of the containers where the usual pot holes are located. This will facilitate water draining, thus preventing the plants from drowning.

  2. Choose the right grass seeds for indoor gardening. Varieties like Purple Majesty and Tender Fountain are appropriate for planting in shady areas.

    Fill the containers with good quality pot soil but leave at least one-third of the space above unoccupied. Plant the seeds at least 3 inches away from each other so as not to suppress the growth.

  3. Store-bought pot soils normally have mulch already added – but if the one you got does not contain it, you can still make the necessary addition. Just avail of some and put about an inch thick above the pot soil.

  4. Make sure that you have the anticipated growth of your grasses in control. Frequent watering for at least twice a day is necessary only during the early stage. Once they have fully grown, you can decrease it to once a day. Do not water too much because they either soak and die or grow wild. You only have to apply fertilizers once and choose the slow-release type of fertilizer. Too much of it can lead to unwanted extra foliage. Apply some organic pesticides to keep insects away and keep the glasses safe for children at the same time.

  5. If your grasses in pots do not receive at least four hours of sunlight where they are, take them outside when the sun is up for a few hours, ideally in the morning. Sprinkle some leftover coffee grounds for their nitrogen supply around the base of the roots.

  6. Remove the coffee grounds when they have dried up but keep the soil moist by spraying some water. You can throw away the coffee grounds after the grasses have sprouted. Never make the soil too damp.

  7. Trim down old and unhealthy excess grass foliage to allow the base of the grasses to grow healthy replacements. Equipped with grass shears, you can shape them up creatively too. Don’t just cut the grasses – you can shape them up for your pleasure.

You don’t have to be an expert gardener to learn how to grow grass indoors. Ornamental grasses can be easily managed. The grasses can make your place lively and appealing. Find the right placements for you plants as well. Just don’t line them up parallel to any ground walls. You can pot some for centerpieces on dining tables. Just place a nice flat container underneath the pot to stop the water from leaking to your furniture.


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