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How to Grow Hair with Texturizer

How to Grow Hair with Texturizer

Texturizers have the advantage of being less stronger than relaxers, as these chemical products are left on your mane for a much shorter time than the latter. As such, its effect is that it creates a loose curl pattern for those with kinky hair, making it appear longer and easier to manage. Some people find that their strands grow a bit faster with the use of texturizers, probably because of its curl-lengthening effect. If your own crowning glory has been treated with this product, you must be wondering how to grow hair with texturizer. There are a number of reasons that people with texturized hair don’t usually grow it very long. However, there is a way to do just that with good results. Here are the steps that will show you how:

  1. Handle your hair with care. This is because it has already been treated with chemicals and has a higher risk of becoming easily damaged. No matter what has been said about texturizers, that they are milder and are made with natural ingredients, the fact remains that these are chemicals and are made with the same ingredients as relaxers.

    They also contain either sodium hydroxide or calcium hydroxide, which has no lye.

  2. Part of giving your tresses some much-needed TLC is to avoid styling it in tight ponytails and buns, which will only cause your follicles to gradually pull out at the roots, leading to thinning. Also, this may stress your strands and cause them to be more fragile than they already are. Avoid styling or combing/brushing your hair while it's still wet to prevent breakage or stretching the strands to fragility.

  3. Dry your curls with care. Avoid rubbing your crowning glory with a terry cloth towel. Instead, go for a cotton shirt or an absorbent fabric with a smoother texture so your hair is less likely to be frizzy or break. Also, pat your hair and squeeze off excess water with the towel without using a twisting motion, which will only compromise your hair's condition.

  4. Moisturize your textured hair from the inside out. Drink at least eight glasses of water daily and apply a leave-on conditioner regularly, especially to the ends of your locks. Schedule hair washings accordingly, making sure they're not too frequent or seldom as your strands do need the hydrating properties of water, while at the same time, preventing dryness from too-frequent washings. You can wash once a week, for example, depending on your lifestyle, climate, and activity level.

  5. See to it that your texturized curls are detangled, as this can encourage breakage, which practically ruins your plan to grow your hair longer. Basically, detangling should be done while your tresses are coated in conditioner as this makes the process less difficult and less damaging. Work on your hair in sections and use your fingers to detangle the strands. It's also not recommended to subject your head of curls to combs or brushes, as this may affect the texture of your tresses. You can, however, run through small sections of hair with a wide-toothed comb after the finger-detangling process to ensure that there are no more snags in your hair.

When planning for how to grow hair with texturizer, consider putting your crowning glory up in hairstyles that keep it off your shoulders. This is the case when your textured hair has reached shoulder length. The reason it's recommended to fix up your hair—but not in tight, hair-thinning hairstyles—is that your strands are less likely to get damaged or broken when they are not prone to accidental snagging. You may consider having a touch-up, although the frequency may depend on the curl and texture of your hair as it grows out.


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