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How to Grow Longer Eyelashes

How to Grow Longer Eyelashes

Long eyelashes are among women’s best assets. So you’ll be glad to learn that you can actually grow yours naturally. This has nothing to do with using false eyelashes. In fact, it is a solution provided by nature. Learn how to grow longer eyelashes organically by following these tips:

  1. Purchase a lash enhancing gel after conducting a search online to find the best one. This specialized gel has proven effectiveness in growing the lashes. Lashem’s Measurable Difference Lash Gel is a lash enhancing product that can generate healthier and faster-growing eye lashes. It is made from all-natural substances and is paraben-free. This means that it doesn’t contain harmful chemicals that would damage the eyes if used for a long time. Apply this lash gel once a day particularly before bedtime or after removing your makeup.

  2. Benefit from the abundant benefits of olive oil. Take an adequate amount of olive oil using your forefinger and gently apply it to your eyelashes in two to three rubbing motions.

    can also use old mascara brush to brush the olive oil into your lashes. Follow this procedure every night after removing your makeup. Sleep with the oil in overnight but don’t forget to wash your face with soapy warm water in the morning.

  3. Apply petroleum jelly to your eyelashes to lubricate them every night. Petroleum jelly is another option for helping your eyelashes grow longer. Wash your hands before applying it to your eyelashes to prevent them from getting infected with bacteria. It is advisable to do this every night. Rinse off the residue in the morning with mild facial cleanser.

  4. Try a castor oil, glycerin and egg white mixture. Make a good mixture from these ingredients before applying it onto your eye lashes. You will need about two drops of the mixture. Roll the mascara brush into the mixture and then coat your eyelashes up to 3 times. This method will lengthen and strengthen your lashes with consistent use. Apply the solution before bedtime and wash your eyelashes carefully in the morning.

  5. Use vitamin E oil. Vitamin E contains essential substances that help your lashes grow faster and stronger. Apply vitamin E oil at night and let it penetrate deeply into your lashes. Avoid hitting your eye ball to protect it from severe irritation. If you accidentally drop the oil into your eyes, wash it right away with water. Rinse your eyes with clean, warm water in the morning.

  6. Avoid using mascara often. Sometimes excessive application of mascara can damage your lashes, deterring them from growing longer. If you want your lashes to grow longer and healthier, it is advisable to stop using mascara.

  7. Never use permanent eyelash kohl and tint. These are harmful chemicals due to their lead and salt content.

  8. Nourish your body with the right kinds of healthy foods. Balance your diet with protein-rich foods, green vegetables, whole grains, and fruits. These are sources of vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids. They translate into strong hair, nails, and bones.

  9. Take nutritional supplements to make sure you have a sufficient supply of the necessary nutrients. The modern lifestyle sometimes hinders us from eating natural foods with the necessary nutrients.

Learning how to grow longer eyelashes is “a piece of cake,” don’t you think? The natural remedies mentioned above are fuss-free. With them you can start growing your lashes now.


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