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How to Grow Plants Indoors

How to Grow Plants Indoors

Gardening is fun and rewarding, especially when you start to see your plants bloom during spring time. Planting does not have to end during the season of spring as you can always grow plants indoors. All you have to do is learn the secrets and the techniques on how to grow plants indoors. When you do, you can start planting, even when its winter and the temperature are freezing outside. Some of the best kinds of plants to grow indoors are the different varieties of herbs and vegetables, such as lettuce. The difficulty of growing them also varies depending on their needs. Growing indoors can help in the circulation of oxygen throughout the house and can eliminate bad odor. It also helps make a good organic vegetable salad. Here are some tips you need to know when growing your plants indoor:

  1. Prepare all indoor vegetable planting needs. As you head on to the local nursery, make sure that buy and carry with you the pot container, the soil, small pieces of clay pots for drainage, organic fertilizer and the seedlings of the vegetable of your choice.

    Pick out a pot that is of ample size so that your plants will have enough space to grow. Choose vegetable seedlings that are not yet overgrown as they tend to grow faster.

  2. Ready your pot. At the bottom of the pot, create drainage by placing small pieces of clay in it as this serves as an outlet for water to flow so that the soil will not be soaked. When you are done making drainage, you are now ready to put the soil in the pot. Remember to spread as evenly as possible.

  3. Plant the seedlings. When the pot and soil is ready for planting, carefully take the seedlings out of the plastic container they came in and put them above the soil. Do not plant them yet. Decorate them according to their sunlight needs, height and your personal preference. Put the smaller seedlings up front and the taller ones at the back so that there is no overlapping and shading. When you are sure of the appearance of your pot, slowly dig them into the soil.

  4. Put in fertilizer and water the plant. Apply organic fertilizer to your plant to help it grow fast and vibrantly. Water the plant as often as needed. When you opt to put in fish fertilizer, you may want to take the plant out for at least an hour or two so that the smell will not spread through your house. Water it and let it drain for a while before taking it in again. Place the pot on a well lit window or add artificial lighting when needed.

Growing your plant indoors will also help give accent, decoration and color to your home. You can now enjoy your favorite organic salad even during the cold days of winter. A little research on how to grow plants indoors can go a long way as you may not get it right during the first try. This can be a great learning experience for you, but you have to take time to tend and care for your plants. The fruits of your labor and patience in waiting for harvest time will be worth the wait.


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