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how to grow sweet corn

how to grow sweet corn

Sweet corn is one of the natural varieties of maize. However, sweet corn, in accordance with its name, has higher sugar content than other types of maize. Normally, a specific gene converts sugar into starch inside the corn kernel. This happens upon the maturity of the corn. However, in sweet corn, a recessive mutation occurs in those genes. Therefore, sweet corn is picked before the maturation period or during what is called the milk stage. Learning how to grow sweet corn yourself can take a lot of practice and experience, but it’s easy once you know the basics. Since sweet corn lacks the starch that other types of corn possess, it isn’t easy to store. Therefore, you must eat it immediately or freeze it for storage. The best thing about sweet corn is that it contains high levels of antioxidant, which serves to protect you from heart disease and other conditions. Growing any kind of crop requires specific expertise and knowledge. When growing types of corn, you should know that these crops thrive best during warm seasons, when the temperature reaches 60 to 95 degrees Fahrenheit.

n addition, to reach maximum growth potential, the crops require approximately 65 to 100 frost-free days. Here are the basic steps on how to grow sweet corn:

  1. Spacing is one of the most important aspects of growing sweet corn. You have to sow them an inch to an inch and a half deep. When planting the seeds, make sure that they are two to four inches apart. If you plant the seeds too close together, you’ll end up using more water and fertilizer.

  2. The key to growing corn stalks is to keep them moist at all times. Since they thrive in hot weather, the moisture will aid growth and decrease the chances of wilting.  Make sure that you water them regularly. Provide a substantial amount of aged compost. When the stalks grow up to 10 inches tall, begin using compost teas.

  3. Weeds are enemies of most crops, so make sure you get rid of those plants as soon as possible. Make sure that deep cultivation is avoided because corns have shallow roots.

  4. Get rid of pests. Corn earworms and corn borers are the most likely pests to attack your cornfield. If you see them, simply remove them by hand. Spraying insecticides is not a good idea as they may hinder the growth of your crop. To get rid of eggs left by the pests, put a couple of drops of mineral oil inside the tip of each ear.

  5. A regular crop of corn requires 65 to 100 days of growth before harvest. To obtain sweet corn, harvest your crop before this time limit. When harvesting the corn, just grab the ear and twist it downwards. One stalk may have one or two ears.

Since sweet corn is served as a vegetable and not as a grain, it should be stored properly. The best way to enjoy sweet corn is to eat it while it is still fresh. Learning how to grow sweet corn can be quite a challenge, especially if it is your first time. Remember the basics and you will grow a healthy crop. If anything goes wrong, consult an expert and learn from the best.


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