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how to grow your church

how to grow your church

Building and growing a church are two different things. Building is easy if you have the means, but knowing how to grow your church is not easy even if you have the means. You can invest as much as you want just to promote your church. But if only a few people follow and embrace your teachings, then growing your church remains to be a tough challenge. Do not be disappointed if your church fails to grow. Also, do not be afraid to try different techniques to grow your church. Whenever there are trials along the way, learn from them and take the necessary measures to help the growth of your church. If you are having hard time, try these simple steps and patiently wait for best results.

  1. Discover the power of prayer. Persistent praying is very powerful. Prayer can change everything. Ask for God’s wisdom and guidance on how to go through with your plans and make your church grow not just in numbers but in spirit and values as well.

    Go back to Mark 11:24, which reads, “Therefore, I say unto you, whatever things you desire, when you pray, believe that you will receive them, and you shall have them.

    Cling to this verse every time you work for the growth of your church.

  2. Attend seminars, workshops, and conferences about church growth. You can gain insights on how to make your church grow. With the brilliant ideas from the motivational and expert speakers, you can acquire additional knowledge, techniques, and ways to make your church more prosperous.

  3. Develop a strategy or an advertising plan. Increasing the growth of your church is more or less the same as promoting a business. The core values and principles of your church must be the backbone of whatever strategy that you might come up with.

  4. Formally invite guests to a gathering. Clearly state that the meeting is about spreading the good news of God. Make sure the space is clean and comfortable. Make them feel completely welcome. At the meeting, allow the guests to talk and express their views about religion and their faith. Listen and be respectful of their views. Present yourself in the most professional way and share your faith with them.

  5. Organize community service and outreach events. Community service is one good way of helping the community while getting a good image of your church out there. It is also a way to attract the public to join and be a part of your church community service. Organizing events, such as sports and other activities for kids, teenagers, and out-of-school youths is a good way to promote your church.

  6. Utilize the radio and television. Air or telecast sermons from your church. It is matter of utilizing the airwaves to bring the message of God to the larger community. For example, at a local radio station, you can get a 45 to 60 minutes time slot and make use of it to spread the teachings of your church. You can do the same with a local TV network in your area.

  7. Encourage every member to bring at least one guest to every church service. This is simple math. If you have ten initial members, that ten can become twenty and so on.

Figuring out exactly how to grow your church is a challenging task. But with prayer, nothing is impossible. If you do not lean on the divine wisdom and guidance of God, the above steps on growing your church may be for naught. Grow your church of God and strive hard to nourish the spiritual well-being of His people.


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