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How to Grow Your Hair Thicker and Full with Simple Diet

How to Grow Your Hair Thicker and Full with Simple Diet

Our body produces hair cells in small, sac-like structures called follicles by arranging molecules of a hard protein called keratin in long tight strands that push outward as they lengthen. As expected, in people with naturally curly or wavy hair, the body produces differently shaped keratin molecules than in people with naturally straight hair. No matter your hair texture, it is all made from the same protein, which is why your diet plays a large role in determining the quality of hair growth.

Many of us spend hours and a lot of money on our tresses. We tease, we backcomb, we add extensions, etc. But while hair products like volumizing sprays and shampoos may give the appearance of fullness, the key to a great mane lies inside. Fortunately, eating your way to great hair is not complicated; knowing how to grow your hair thicker and full with simple diet is largely a matter of ensuring that you consistently get sufficient quantities of protein and other nutrients that promote the production of healthy hair cells.

  1.  Load up on omega-3 fatty acids.

    Salmon is one of the best foods to eat for great hair because it is chockfull of omega-3 fatty acids, which the body cannot produce on its own. Aside from being rich in protein, it also contains loads of vitamin D, which makes hair grow stronger. If fish is not a favorite of yours, you can also snack on walnuts, another good source of omega-3 fatty acids—the only nut that can make this claim. Moreover, they are also rich in biotin, vitamin E and copper, all of which help hair look rich and lustrous.

  2.  Watch your zinc levels. Low zinc levels in the body can lead to hair loss, not just on your head but even your eyelashes and brows. Zinc, luckily, is in many foods that most people already consume every day: fortified cereals, eggs, beef, and whole grain breads.

  3.  Get your yogurt fix. Yogurt is rich in vitamin B5, which is otherwise known as pantothenic acid. If that name does not ring a bell, check the labels of your favorite hair care products. If you’re not a fan of yogurt, you can switch it out with cottage cheese or skim milk every now and then.

  4. Treat yourself to a chicken dinner or a lean steak. It turns out that poultry and lean cuts of beef are just the ticket to getting a good dose of protein, along with zinc, iron and B vitamins.

  5. Throw out the candy and have a bowl of fruit instead. Did you know that eating sugars can actually cause inflammation in skin cells? At least that what researchers tell us, but the good news is that the natural sugars in fruit don’t have the same effect. So instead of snacking on a Cadbury bar, slice up some berries and have at it—you’ll get your sweet fix and your hair can use the vitamin C for improved strand strength.

Keep in mind that your diet, whether good or bad, can no longer affect the hair strands that you wash and comb every day; these cells are already dead. The only living parts of your hair are still growing out of the follicle. Therefore, these tips on how to grow your hair thicker and full with simple diet require a few months of consistency before you can see positive changes.


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