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how to handle a break up

how to handle a break up

Going through a break-up can be traumatic. There are lots of emotions involved, plus legalities if the break-up is between married couples. Even if you are convinced that it is the right step to take, you can’t help but go through the negative feelings and hope that you’ll get over them soon. There are stages on how to handle a break up as well as strategies to minimize negativity. There may be contrasting recommendations in handling break-ups for casual and married couples, but they are worth exploring. Read on:

  1. When you have been anticipating a break up after dating for a while, there’s no need to extend the agony and uncertainties for a longer period. Get it over with so that you can start anew in due time. However, it’s a different story when divorce is in the pipeline, especially when there are children involved. There are many things that can be done to rescue an ailing marriage, but both partners must be willing to pitch in. If this is not the case after trying to turn things around – you might as well give in.

    can even be healthier for children, rather than forcing them to live with parents that are not in harmony with each other.

  2. If you are immersed in the situation, it’s possible that you can’t see things objectively. This is understandable when strong emotions like anger and grief are dominating the scene. Prevent further damages by seeking refuge with a trusted life coach, psychologist or an experienced friend. Surround yourself with friends and family who are not judgemental. They will realign your thoughts and feelings when they are sliding off to depression.

  3. Sometimes when one has a bad marriage, the pain of breaking up does not come from losing the spouse in the process; instead, the greatest regret lies in not being able to have the kind of marriage everyone is hoping for – a marriage that will last forever. Go ahead and feel bad about it. Supressing it will just make you bitter.

  4. Do not worry about the things that are not happening yet. It is unhelpful to think about what other people will say, especially if you are still trying to figure out how to end the relationship. This will just add to your burden.

  5. Acceptance is the number one cure for breakup pains, whichever side you are on. Moving on will come naturally when there is closure internally. The greatest struggles in life are the forces that clash within us. Deal with them first because it’s the only way to be kind to the people who have wronged you.

  6. It might be hard to understand a spouse or partner who has betrayed a promise or vow, but if you take the time to understand, you will emerge successfully as the admirable ex-partner. You will be graceful and lovable in the eyes of the people around you. The partner in question can only wonder if he or she has done the right thing.

Take every break up as an opportunity to improve yourself - to be wiser when the right relationship comes along. This does not mean that it is acceptable to go on a rebound. Experienced people are more cautious on how to handle a breakup to avoid more damages. Settling down independently first before putting yourself up in the market again will give you a higher rating in the game of love.


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