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How to Hang Bird Feeders

How to Hang Bird Feeders

If you love bird watching, you do not have to travel that far – you can actually attract different bird species right to your own yard! The trick is done by providing genuine feed and water stations for the migrating birds. This is not only an exciting project for you, but also helpful for the birds when supplies are rare. Arguments on how to hang bird feeders still exist because there are pros and cons that come with different methods. It is said that birds carry strange diseases and the provision of such temporary facilities can ruin the natural cycle of birds. If you are not bothered about these things, go ahead and do the following:

  1. Find out the safest and most hygienic way of hanging bird feeders within your property.  Know the implications of this project. You can’t command the birds how to behave, but you can strategically place the feeders in such a way that the droppings will not interfere with the clean ambiance of your home. The seeds that you provide to the birds can also litter the ground – they can grow and become unwanted weeds.

  2. Make your bird feeders squirrel free. Use a line to hang them so that squirrels will slip while trying to access the feeders that contains seeds, which are also food for them. You will need posts or trees as your line holders. It’s best if they are at least 6 feet apart. Use a slippery line as a hanger for your seed feeder to make sure that squirrels cannot pass through the line leading to the feeder.

  3. If bears roam around in your area, hang your feeders not lower than 10 feet. They may not be interested with the seeds but curiosity will lead them to destroy your set-up. Bears will not go after objects higher than themselves, so keep a safe height for your feeders. Make sure that you have a convenient way of refilling the seeds and water supplies if your feeders are higher than you can reach.

  4. Hang the feeders in areas where you can have a good view from your windows. Just not too near the windows because birds can break them with reckless flying. Glass windows will seem invisible to them during daylight. You can also relax more when you place comfortable chairs overlooking the view of the feeders through the windows.

  5. It’s tempting to use the bird feeders as decorations for your garden. However, having them amidst your plants can double your gardening tasks. The spilled seeds can grow in the wrong places. You have to work more in eliminating these unwanted plants from your garden. They may serve as accents along the entrance or boarders of the garden, but never install them on top of the garden itself.

Just be practical on how to hang bird feeders. Make sure that you have stoppers when tying the feeder into the line. You may add a supporting string tied to both trees, which are attached to the feeder to pull it in two opposing directions to keep it in the center at all times.


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