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how to hang Christmas lights

how to hang Christmas lights

Do not let any man-made disaster ruin your holiday celebration by being considerate on how to hang Christmas lights safely. According to hospital and fire records in the United States, falling, electric shock, and fires are common trends in December. Authorities traced the culprit to hanging Christmas lights. Precautions must be observed starting first with purchasing the lights. Better to be safe than sorry. Take these steps seriously:

  1. Purchase only quality Christmas lights from reputable distributors or manufacturers. Opt for the better choice of low-voltage LED lights than filament bulbs that are unsafe. They must be designed for outdoor use. Follow all instructions faithfully when installing them. It should come with the instruction manual or printed label for you to refer to. There’s no need to rush things.  You’ll finish faster when all installations are done properly. It’s a must to take your time.

  2. Double-check the physical setup of the lights before buying them.

    e a thorough inspection for defective bulbs and wires. Have them tested while still in the store. Use the right outlet that is sufficient for the changing intensity of the series of lights. Make sure that you have enough of a power supply and the appropriate voltage for the plugs. Get an adaptor when needed.

  3. Avoid hanging lights on dry trees outdoors. It only takes seconds to ignite trees due to faulty wires. There are already unfortunate deaths reported caused by burning Christmas trees that were ignited by short-circuiting electrical lights and open flames. Water your tree regularly at its base to help moisten the crown. Let the moisture be scattered naturally from the base trunk. Sprinkling the leaves, twigs, and branches with water will be too dangerous with the lights on.

  4. Protect yourself from electrocution by wearing gloves when repairing the lights or replacing broken bulbs. Never hold the light when your hands are wet with or without the gloves. Hang the lights on outdoor walls and gutters using plastic clips. Nails and staples can cause electrical problems. Cancel the scheduled setup of outdoor lights when it’s raining. It’s wiser to wait for a sunny day than face unnecessary danger.

  5. Stabilize the ladder first before attempting to climb to reach higher places such as the roof-top. Your extension ladder must stand on flat ground leaning against the roof or wall at a reasonable angle. The wall should be one-quarter of the ladder’s length. Use reinforcements if you can’t get a comfortable angle especially when you have to lean it against a gutter. You can use a plank of wood to strengthen the gutter. The right angle will give the leaning ladder a good balance.

  6. Climb carefully by securing your feet onto the lowest step of the ladder alternating as your hands are firmly locked to the upper steps. If you are not sure of the ladder’s stability, let someone hold it for you as you ascend and descend. Your weight should be centered and your hips between the rails when climbing. Never stand on the top two steps where there’s nothing to lean your body against. Always lock your position while still on the ladder.

Never ignore the proper ways on how to hang Christmas lights. Your dwelling must be safe from any harm especially during the festivities. It’s better not to have Christmas lights at home rather than jeopardizing its safety by using cheaper lights that might be illegally manufactured without the approval or safety seal from authorities. Disregarding these warnings can be fatal. Do not add to the unfortunate statistics anymore.  These causes of death are preventable.


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