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how to hang outdoor Christmas lights

how to hang outdoor Christmas lights

What would Christmas be without all those beautiful, dancing, twinkling lights? It has always been part of the Christmas tradition to have all sorts of decorations everywhere you go. This creates a truly festive mood all throughout the holiday season.  For outdoor decorations, various kinds of lights are used. It is not a simple thing to do, which is why it is advisable to learn how to hang outdoor Christmas lights properly. Hanging lights outdoors is different from hanging them inside the house. You have several considerations to take into account before you can actually start hanging them. Remember that decorating outdoors is like painting a large canvas. There is just so much more space to work with while still achieving a balanced decoration.  But worry not, for it is actually quite feasible to do with the right directions. Just follow these steps.

  1. As with any project you do, especially large ones, planning is always the first step. Head outside and work out where you want the lights to be.  Most place lights along the edge of the roof and outline the windows and door frames, the pillars and posts, and sometimes the plants, bushes and trees.

    an the colors and the design what you want for each area.

  2. Measure where you have decided to place the lights. Depending on your design, the density of lights, and other factors, the length that you will need may vary.  If your design is just straight lines, then it will be very easy to compute how much you will need. But for trees and shrubs, you may need to estimate. In any case, take the time to get this right.

  3. Check the type of lights that you will be using. Never use Christmas lights outdoors if the label doesn’t say so. It can be very dangerous since there are many elements outside the house that may affect the lights.

  4. When planning, always consider the power outlet. This is one limitation for outdoors, the limited number of outlets. If you need additional outlets, call your electrician. It is better to have this done by a professional since you will be connecting plenty of wires together.

  5. Choose a day with good weather to work on your lights. It is advisable to work during the day so that you can see what you are doing clearly. A clear sunny day is the perfect time. Check your lights for busted bulbs and replace them as needed. Untangle them and also check for broken cords. Disregard those right away.

  6. When decorating, always start at the highest point. For example, if decorating the house, always start with the roof then go down. Just as when working on a tree or a shrub, start at the top and work your way down. You may need a ladder to this and some clips to put the lights in place.

  7. In connecting lights, make sure that you only connect until 3 lights together at a time. If you need to use more, plug it directly into a different power source. This is to ensure safety. When using extension cords, make sure that it is rated for sufficient power. It may cause unwanted safety problems if you use an extension cord that can’t sustain enough power.

  8. Once you are done decorating, view your masterpiece when the sun is out. Check to see all the lights are all in place. You can make necessary minor adjustments but make sure that you can see well.

  9. Lastly, it is highly recommended to work with someone. It is going to be difficult working alone. You will need instructions when putting up the lights especially when you are way up on the roof. Also, it’s more fun to work with someone. The more people helping, the better.

To have beautiful outdoor decorations, these steps on how to hang outdoor Christmas lights will come in very handy. It is better to plan and execute carefully because if you don’t it won’t look as good and you’ll need to do it all again.


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