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how to have a relationship with God

how to have a relationship with God

God created the human race to have an intimate fellowship with him. This personal relationship is not about religion or cultural rituals. It’s like having him in our lives as a best friend. We can only understand Him better if we know His ways. Before we learn how to have a relationship with God, we must first seek a better understanding of Him. Here are the ways:

  1. Read biblical scriptures every day based on the Bible guide. History repeats itself. The Bible is a recording of all relevant incidents in the past concerning God and His only begotten son. It’s the only book that is inspired by Him directly. The ways of God are very different to human nature, so there are unfortunate events in our lives that happen despite trying to be good in His eyes. We won’t question these things if we truly understand our purpose and His intentions.

  2. Pray like you’re talking to your best friend. God wants to be a part of our daily lives. Consult Him in whatever you have to do. Be thankful for all the blessings received.

    rything comes from Him so, apart from the breath of life, other provisions are additional blessings. There’s no specific time prayer, but seek Him first thing in the morning to be guided all throughout the day. Pray for wisdom before doing the daily readings so that you may easily understand his message.

  3. Strengthen your faith by joining a group of like-minded people for baptism, ceremonial commemoration, Bible studies, fellowships and community involvement. Whatever religious sector you decide to be part of, make sure that they believe in biblical doctrines. Spiritual salvation is an individual matter, but group influence will make our lives more fulfilling when we have a supportive friends. No man is an island.

  4. Love God by taking care of His creations. Being kind to other people is like being kind to God. Raising plants and animals is taking dominion of His properties on earth. Preserving nature is giving importance to His masterpieces like the human race and the planet.

  5. Abide by His commandments. There were only Ten Commandments given to Moses in Mount Sinai, but the first commandment summarizes them all: love God above all! “Thou shall not have other gods aside from me.” Power, wealth and glory are the world’s popular forms of idols. It’s not bad to have them as long as God comes first.

  6. Be humble in His presence. God knows our weaknesses and He has a forgiving heart. Acknowledge all the sins you’ve made and ask for forgiveness. Try never to do them again. Forgive other people as God forgives us. There’s no limit in forgiving others. Judging others is not our task.

  7. Believe that Jesus Christ will establish God’s kingdom here on earth once again when the living and the dead will be judged for life in eternity. It is our duty to spread His words so that many will be saved.

Learning how to have relationship with God is not a difficult task. It will come automatically when we get to know Him better. Worries will never have a place in our minds anymore when we truly trust God. If you are still longing for your soul mate, you may want to prioritize putting God first in your schedule – and you’ll see that all your needs will follow automatically. You’ll also be contented with what you have


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