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How to Have Younger Looking Skin

How to Have Younger Looking Skin

Many people, especially women, do whatever it takes to have a more youthful looking skin. Some have treatments and procedures performed to attain their goals. Others opt for natural and healthy methods. There are several different ways on how to have younger looking skin. Read on for some suggestions:

  1. Drink enough water every day. It is very important to stay hydrated. Dehydration dries your skin making it prone to wrinkles. Dead skin will be prominent and your skin will become loose and unhealthy looking.

  2. Eating healthy also helps develop younger looking skin. Always choose to eat fruits and vegetables over red meat and carbohydrates (have these only in moderation). Fresh fruits and vegetables contain vitamins and minerals help maintain young looking skin. You could take supplements but nothing beats natural sources of vitamins and minerals.

  3. Clean your face regularly before going to sleep. Our face accumulates dust and dirt daily. They clog the pores which can develop into blackheads and acne.

    This will eventually make you look untidy and old. As much as possible, avoid using creamy make-up; your face becomes a magnet for dusts, dirt and bacteria when you use cream make-up.

  4. Never deprive yourself of sufficient sleep and rest. During sleep, our skin and body rejuvenate and repair damaged cells. Sleep deprivation makes your skin dry and prone to wrinkle formation.

  5. Moisturize your skin. This is important especially if you are exposed to extreme cold or warm weather. Extreme weather dries your skin quickly and irritates it. If you have very sensitive skin, you may consult a skin expert for a moisturizing cream recommendation. Day and night creams serve this purpose. They contain added nutrients that help you maintain that youthful looking skin.

  6. Exfoliate at least once a week. This takes away dead skin exposing a new layer that is healthy and young looking. Do not overdo this since it can cause irritation. Make sure you use a product that suits you best and does not cause allergies. Exfoliating astringents are not for everybody.  Using it daily may do more harm than good.

  7. Refrain from smoking and avoid second hand smoking at all cost.  Smoke clogs your pores and makes your skin unable to produce healthy chemicals.

  8. Microdermabrasion is a procedure that helps you shed off dead skin cells and exposes a new young looking layer.  Consult your dermatologist first before going through the procedure to see if it would be good for you. Although expensive, it is an option for young looking skin.

  9. Botox Treatment was once a popular choice. Your dermatologist will discuss the procedure with you. Many are fascinated with its quick results. Since this is quite expensive, many prefer more natural ways.

Age can be defied by knowing how to have younger looking skin. You have the option to do it the natural and conventional way. If you want to have the modern treatments like Botox and microdermabrasion, make sure that you can sustain the methods. Would it be easier to just live a happier stress free life?


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