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how to help a child with spelling

how to help a child with spelling

Parents can influence their children to become good spellers. This is not genetic, but it has definitely something to do with your activities at home as a family. This is where children can develop the intellectual skills that include the ability to spell words correctly. If you want to nurture your children to enhance their spelling prowess, follow these methods on how to help a child with spelling.

  1. Encourage your child to recite words or phrases. Make use of some words heard on TV specifically from a children’s show. Imitate what’s being said and let him or her follow. In this greeting “Hello my little precious,” for example, write the word “precious” on a piece of paper clearly. Recite each letter and let the child repeat it after you for as long as the interest is still there. Make a roster of different words regularly including the previously learned words to keep those vocabularies in your child’s memory.

  2. Let the child follow your writings as well as make her or his own.

    en take pride in their work. Show appreciation not criticism. Correct any mistake firmly but lovingly. Writing is a good outlet in expressing one’s self. Appreciate your child when you receive a handwritten note or letter.

  3. Organize some activities inviting your child’s selected friends or neighbors. Prepare some simple, little things as prizes plus some delicious snacks to entice the group. Hold a spelling contest. Ask another adult to be scorer or judge so that the result will not be biased. You can do the traditional competition format where the child can step forward for every right spelling made. Do this kind of activity to test the progress of your child.

  4. Do not overload your child with too much spelling or other educational exercises. Work and play must be balanced. You can, however, combine both. Just be creative and enthusiastic in setting up exciting activities. Your child can learn while having fun at the same time. Who can not be motivated by that?

  5. Teach using familiar words. Introduce new words as a group. They can be versing words, same-sounding words, same first-letter words, or words with the same number of syllables. The familiarity will trigger young minds to place all of these words in their memory bank. Also, recalling them will be easier when their meanings are known.

  6.  Do not tolerate wrong pronunciations. Since children are taught to pronounce each sound of vowels and consonants to read properly, chances are that children who pronounce words incorrectly also can’t spell them correctly. Give the right pronunciation every time it’s needed. All you have to do is repeat what’s being said, but this time with the right way of saying it.

  7. Spell using letter blocks or magnetic letters. Spend some money in purchasing game sets like “Scrabble.” Spelling is not the only skill that can be mastered here. The ability to recall words appropriately plus the effective way of using a dictionary will also be practiced. This is also a good recreation for children and adults alike during their spare time. It’s a lot better than spending the whole afternoon in front of a TV set.

  8. Treat the child like he or she is superior in spelling. Inferior children will never have the guts to bring their knowledge out in the open. Worse, there’s no way to know if they have remembered the right spelling of the given words or not. It is important to give them the confidence that they can do it well. Perhaps allowing them to play as a spelling mentor for adults would certainly boost their confidence. Their listening skills will also be developed through this.

Practice makes perfect. A responsible adult can certainly play a great part in how to help a child with spelling. Make your bonding partly educational, and you can be assured that you’ll benefit from it as well as your child.


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