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How to Help Dogs With Anxiety

How to Help Dogs With Anxiety

Stress also causes anxiety to dogs. They get stressed just by hearing strange sounds for the first time. Moving between houses is another stressful activity for dogs. Changes in the household will not make them happy either. How to help dogs with anxiety is essential if you do not want it to excessively shed its coat. It’s not easy living with a restless dog. It can also become aggressive if it’s no longer in control of its fears. You can do it a favor with the following tips:

  1. If your dog freaks out upon hearing scary sounds like thunderstorms and lightning, make sure to close doors and windows when bad weather is approaching. Install sound proofing devices on them if you have the budget or just place the dog in a secluded part of the house where these sounds will not be as loud.

  2. Do not trigger your dog’s jealousy. Never let it see your fondness of another animal. Should you decide to adopt another pet – do not hurry. Make it one day at a time. Also give credit to your dog by giving it equal attention as with your new pet.

  3. Loneliness is another problem your dog can face when it’s often left as a house watcher. A dog that moans a lot signifies a dog that is very unhappy with its present situation. This is its way of complaining to its care taker or to the people around it. It helps when you have another pet to keep it company.

  4. Give your dog toys to play with or anything that can keep it busy when you are not around. You can even trick it by leaving your television on as if it’s not alone in the house.

  5. Act like you’re bringing your dog for a walk when moving to another dwelling. Give it a chance to check-out the new facilities in the most positive ways. Avoid doing anything that can cause traumatic experiences to the dog. It can get used to your new place easily if it was done in a gradual manner.

  6. Getting your dog involved in the changes of your life will not shock it when there’s an addition to your family. When pregnant, make your dog aware that you are carrying a baby – by allowing it to get close to your stomach. When it finally arrives, do not change your dealings with your dog while caring for the baby.

  7. Do not ignore the sadness of your dog during the death of another household pet or its play mate. Be sensitive in replacing the pet you just lost. Give it time to mourn before introducing a new puppy. A younger replacement won’t create too much aggression if ever your dog feels threatened.

Plan on how to help dogs with anxiety – you can always prevent it from happening if you know what causes it. You can even administer anti-anxiety pills to your dog at least half an hour before the existence of the expected cause.


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