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How to Help Teething Puppies

How to Help Teething Puppies

Teething is very irritating and oftentimes painful for babies as well as puppies. However, a puppy’s 28 set of teeth consisting of 14 teeth up and 14 down its mouth will not become 42 set of teeth with 21 up and 21 down as an adult dog - without going through this so-called teething ordeal. To alleviate your dog’s suffering, you should be ready on how to help teething puppies. Read more:

  1. Search for good chewing products that are certified not toxic for your dog. By chewing these toys, the gums of the puppy are stimulated thus alleviating the discomfort it is feeling. The growing teeth are trying to break-free through the surface of the gums – this is the reason of the puppy’s irritability.

  2. Find tough chewable toys that have water inside and freeze them prior to letting your puppy play with them. It’s like giving a cold compress to where it’s painful. It relaxes the friction happening between the gums and the breaking teeth thus helping in minimizing the pain felt by the puppy.

  3. Store edible frozen foods edible for puppies and even just plain ice cubes.

    an also add in flavor to the ice like a strawberry ice candy for the puppy to chew delectably. A hygienic frozen cloth will also do wonders to your puppy’s condition. Just be there to see to it that it will not be eating the cloth when they get ripped.

  4. Understand that the puppy will have to try chewing what it can come across with – just to get rid of the pain. Do not leave important belongings in its vicinity to avoid them from getting damaged. It’s just a puppy, you know! You are the responsible one so - do not expose them freely to the teething pup.

  5. Place the puppy inside a puppy-proof room when you’re busy or away from home. Also do not forget its chewing gadgets along with its basic needs. It is ideal to crate it when you cannot attend to it for some time - with all the things that can make it comfortable and contented. It may become anxious of its freedom when left alone for too long but it’s better to isolate it than destroy things in your home.

  6. Continue with the necessary puppy trainings despite the difficulties of the puppy. This will divert its focus into the activities – away from the painful gums. Positive reinforcements like obedience and potty trainings plus even negative reinforcements must be accomplished as per schedule. Leaving the puppy too idle will make it a great whiner that you will surely detest.

  7. Don’t be afraid to administer aspirin to your puppy or any natural pain killers like Chamomile when it shows signs of extreme pain. Just don’t go overboard its standard dosage. They are safe to use for your little pet’s temporary relief. It will not solve the root cause of the problem but the puppy will eventually get by using these pain relievers from time to time.

One thing important on how to help teething puppies is to be very patient with it. You might lose your favorite shoes one day when you are not careful but it’s nothing compared to your pup’s sufferings. As much as possible, manage your anger and never scare your puppy with your frustrations. It can develop trauma from your harshness for a long time, and you will have more challenges in the future in making it behave properly.


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