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how to help your child deal with bullies

how to help your child deal with bullies

Bullying is a sensitive business since it directly involves minor individuals. It can cause your child emotional, mental, and physical trauma. If this kind of problem is currently confronting you, you will certainly want to know how to help your child deal with bullies. As a parent, try not to harass nor annoy the person who does the bullying because it is possible that the bully himself is a victim of the situation. Like other parents, you always want the best for your children. Inasmuch as you want to protect them from any kind of harm like bullying, you can’t be there for them always. Bullying often occurs in school. Thus, it is very possible that a number of other children in school can pick on your children for no reason at all. Here’s how to help your children deal with bullies:

  1. Explain to your child what bullying is. This concept is an intentional way of tormenting other person physically, verbally, or psychologically. Let your child understand that bullying is more than just a mere push or hit on the shoulder.

    ften they do things that can scare your child or tell others things that are not correct. For example, if other children do not want to play with your children, that may be just a case of ordinary personality differences. However, if they convince other children not to play your child, that is definitely a form of bullying.

  2. Identify common indications of bullying. Unless you see your child with prominent bruises and a black eye, it is often not easy to tell if there’s bullying going on. Common signs of bullying include: changes in eating patterns, sleeping time, or lack of interest in activities he usually enjoyed. When your child starts to miss the school bus though you are sure he left on time, this means he is avoiding some situations. Once the school nurse calls you saying that your son has a sudden stomach pain, you should suspect bullying. In that case, encourage your child to talk about the problem. Let him feel that you are his refuge, and he should not be afraid about anything.

  3. Let your child know that he is not at fault. It is crucial that you make your child understand that the real problem lies not with him as a victim but with the bullies themselves. Your child should not blame himself for the problem because that can greatly affect his self-esteem. Inform him that he did the right thing when he stepped up, and the fact that he came forward can help other children to avoid being victims of a similar situation.

  4. Teach your child how to get rid of bullying. It is advisable that you explain to your child the concept of the buddy system. Your child must avoid walking in the hallway without a buddy. When hit on the shoulders, he should not react pitifully by crying. Rather, it is better to pretend that he has not seen the bully passing by. This can’t be done overnight, so you have to do role-playing with yourself as the victim and your child as the bully. Constant practice may be needed so your child will get used to it.

  5. Talk to the school administrators. Rather than merely assuming that your child is already equipped to handle every bullying scenario, inform the teachers and school administrators about the problem. If your child has been a victim so many times, there must be other victims too. It is understood that eliminating bullying in school is not your responsibility but that of the school itself. Let the school authorities know that you deeply worried about your child so that they will respond to the problem accordingly.

Ideally, every bullying situation involving children must be handled properly by the parents concerned and the school administrators. Bullying can become a very serious problem in schools if not addressed appropriately. Like most parents, you must learn how to help your child deal with bullies, especially if the school is not responsive to the problem. You must realize early the undesirable, long-term effects of bullying upon your children. Whether or not your children are victims, it is better to teach them how to respond and deal with bullies.


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