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how to hide speaker wires

how to hide speaker wires

There are few ways you can try when figuring out how to hide speaker wires to make your home free of cable clutter. While planning where to locate your speakers, you should also consider how to hook up each speaker. Wires can be very irritating if they are not kept properly. No matter how you design your home-entertainment system, if the speaker wires are getting in your way, there is really something wrong. Ultimately, you will not feel comfortable with the clutter of cables. Here are some tips you should check to hide speaker wires.

  1. Use wireless speakers. The most effective way to hide speaker wires is not to have wires at all. Although this kind of home entertainment device is fairly new on the market, the idea is that you can get rid of the untidiness of cables in your living space. Remember, however, that wireless speakers still need to be plugged into an electrical outlet. This means that there are still cables although not as much clutter.

  2. Make use of cable raceways.

    The use of this piece of plastic to house the wires can give your space a very neat look. Gather all the speaker wires and run them inside the raceway until they become invisible.

    Simply attach this plastic conduit to either the molding or wall using any adhesive material. For older houses, mounting the raceway on a large trim is a better idea. You can also consider painting it so its appearance can blend in with the color of your wall.

  3. Make a good cable run. This technique for hiding speaker wires can work best if your ceiling area is not yet dry-walled. Cable runs are very advantageous when laying costly wires such as those used for video. To maximize your savings, you can actually also install a cheaper one rather than going into upscale cabling.

    Through the ceiling area, mount 2-inch to 3-inch cable run, or cable ferry, starting from the wall where your entertainment system is located, and going to the area behind the wall where you want to locate your surround speaker.

  4. Try in-wall speakers. This option looks pretty because the speakers are mounted flush, either into your ceiling or in your walls. Note, however, this option can be a little intimidating if you have never tried it before.

    YouÂ’ll find that you end up with an entirely clean and nice look even though you did have to make a hole in the dry-wall and then run the cables through. Make sure you have identified early on any electrical wiring, plumbing, or any other obstacle that must be avoided as you go through the process. Continue routing the cables within the studs using tape, and thread it right through the divider wall up to the holes. Then mount the speakers on the wall.

  5. Run the speaker wires underneath the carpet. Hiding cables under the baseboards can be a little difficult to do, especially if they need to cross a doorway to reach the speakers. The best approach, therefore, is to run the speaker wires underneath your carpet.

    Since you do not want your feet to feel the cables under the carpet, you can use flat cables instead and run them around the perimeter of your room. Simply pull up your floor covering, run the wires until you reach the speaker stand and then lay the carpet down again. If you have not carpeted your room yet, work with a carpet installer and have the flat cable run throughout your room. Just make sure that the carpet installer is extra-careful with any tools being used, such as hot irons and use special tape, so as not to damage the wires.

  6. Run the wires through the ceiling. This is a very good option, especially if you have a drop ceiling. To achieve a really clean look, mount the speakers up by the ceiling, and then tuck the wires right through the joists. Ensure that there is no cable is hanging. Because wires are normally paintable, you can paint them if you like, so that they blend in with the paint of your wall or ceiling.

There are so many ways to approach the problem of how to hide speaker wires. The six methods we have identified above are the top picks and the most workable ones. Hiding speaker cables is more about creating a nice look within your space, which can really enhance the way you enjoy your home entertainment system.


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