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how to hook speakers up to TV

how to hook speakers up to TV

You may have noticed that often the sound level of your television set does not really match its corresponding high definition video quality. Your immediate remedy is to use external speakers. If this is the case, then learning how to hook speakers up to TV becomes necessary. If your TV set has audio-output ports, you can actually connect the TV directly to your audio-receiver or audio-amplifier. Thereafter, carefully connect your HD-speakers to said receiver or amplifier. It is recommended that you buy a complete surround sound speaker system that includes both the receiver and the speakers. This will maximize the quality of your home entertainment sound system but, if you prefer, you can actually buy your speakers and receiver individually. There is no standard rule on how you should hook up your speakers because, for one, the success of the job largely depends on the kind of TV you have and the devices available at hand. Since most TV sets have no speaker terminals or proper amplification features, then you might as well use your receiver. Let us see the steps you will need to follow to accomplish the job.

  1. Prepare the required materials. Of course, your television set must be fully functional if you want to hook your speakers up to it. Prepare your audio cable and quality stereo receiver. You may also need a cable box and VCR, so you should have them too.

  2. Connect your TV audio to the stereo receiver. Find the television’s audio outputs and connect the receiver’s audio outputs into them. To connect, you can use RCA cables, with right and left audio inputs, or coaxial digital cables. Locate the receiver’s terminals and connect the right and left stereo speakers. The important thing at this point is be sure to connect the speaker’s and the receiver’s negative (-) and positive (+) terminals correctly. If this is not done accurately the system will not function as expected.

  3. Use your VCR. You can use the VCR if there is no cable box available. From your wall outlet, run your cable into to the VCR. Link the audio to your receiver, instead of to the television audio, so you will have the sound from the cable programming going through your receiver and then to your speaker. For an easier set-up, the VCR’s video output should be directly linked to your TV set. Upon completion of the process, you now have to program your TV with the connected VCR.

  4. Use your cable box. This is another option you can try if your TV set has no audio outputs, like many older model televisions. To be able to connect the sound to your receiver, you will need to link it to the cable box outputs. Then proceed, either with your coaxial digital cables or RCA connection cables.

  5. Change the receiver’s mode to the input setting. For this, it will be necessary to alter the program mode of your receiver. Your common choices are either “Aux,” “Cable” or “TV.” At this time, test your television with the newly hooked up speakers. The sound from the TV should now be heard from the connected speakers.

It can really be a little disappointing, after exerting so much effort in research to find a television set with an excellent picture, only to discover that its sound quality is not really that great or satisfying for home entertainment use. Nevermind, you need not worry because, as long as you follow the tricks above on how to hook speakers up to TV, then your entertainment system will be just fine.


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