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How to House Train a Maltese Puppy

How to House Train a Maltese Puppy

Like any other puppies, a Maltese puppy may unload anywhere in the house if you let it. Upon taking home a young Maltese dog, dedicate some time to learning the rules on how to house train a Maltese puppy.  House training a young Maltese pet will mold it into a well-disciplined and highly sociable dog. Just follow the straightforward guidelines below:

  1. Use the collar and leash technique. Purchase a good quality collar or a flat ribbon. Make sure that you are not too harsh in handling it to avoid hurting the little puppy’s neck. Put the collar gently on its neck and praise it.  At first, the young Maltese may not be comfortable with it, but reinforcing it with a treat may help.

  2. Put a leash on its collar tenderly. The puppy will try to bite it, which is a normal reaction to that unusual thing around its neck.  Gently move the leash on its back. Be enthusiastic in giving it praises to stay calm. Hold the leash and then try to walk along with it - the puppy will have no choice but to follow you.

    ’t forget the reward if the puppy does not give you a hard time.

  3. Persistent potty training must be practiced regularly. Teaching toileting to a young puppy is easier than doing it with a full grown dog. Puppies don’t have the instinct to cover their wastes so they can just do it anywhere - if not potty trained as early as four weeks old. Select the potty area outside the house but near the door and the Maltese’s crate. Leave the crate open so that it can easily go straight to the designated place. It will know where the area is the next time it needs to use it by sniffing its traces.

  4. Guide the puppy through a pathway inside the house. Never let it run free inside the house. It is important for the young puppy to understand that littering is prohibited inside the house and inside its crate. It has to go out to move its bowel or urinate.  Set up a schedule for its potty time so that you can easily establish it as a habit. Repeat the process many times daily until it gets used to it. During this training, giving lots of praises and love can make your job manageable.

  5. Prepare a nice crate with all its stuff. Choose a crate that has enough room for the puppy. Place newspapers or a cozy mat to make the dog’s sleep comfortable. Allowing it to have a good rest is another way of taming the dog. Put some thrilling toys in the crate as well. Let your puppy feel that it is free to go in and out of its crate, but supervise it during the training periods. Leave the dog in a secure place while you are out of the house if you don’t want it to just stay inside the crate. Make sure that there are no small objects around that can cause choking.

  6. Always take the puppy outside the house to bond with other breeds. Let it also socialize with people and other dogs. A Maltese puppy can become frightened easily if not exposed to the outside environment. You may teach the Maltese puppy some simple obedience commands gradually. It can absorb repeated and consistent actions.

If you have the determination on how to house train a Maltese puppy, it will work out eventually.


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